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Hey all, first post!

This is probably going to come across as ignorant and naive, but here it is...

I've been lurking around on here for a while now, having thoughts of joining the armed forces but I've recently been getting more serious about it (I set myself an amount of time, after which I would start taking this seriously if I still wanted to do it, and I've now reached that time)

Anyway, I'm looking into several different roles and branches now, trying to decide what I would be best suited for. I'm 26 years old and have done some higher education, decided it wasn't for me and then moved onto a job at the head office of a bank (which I hate). A job in the Intelligence Corps is one of the main few I'm considering but I have a few questions. (I already checked the stickies and couldn't see the info I'm after, but I apologise if I missed it). I'll just say what I'm looking for out of a role etc. and hopefully someone might be able to let me know if I'd get any of it out of a career in army intelligence.

After spending quite a long time now in a corporate office environment, I've gained quite a lot of experience in general admin/clerical work and I've found that I'm actually pretty good at it. I mainly have just grown to hate the idea of working for a bank but I think I could still get some enjoyment out of this sort of thing if I was doing it for a purpose that had more meaning to me (cue the army). I would also like to have a lot more variety in what I do though, so I'm wondering how varied the work of the corps can be, and how much of the time is spent at a desk, on a computer? In my job at the moment I just come in and work my way to a target through a load of tasks that are all the same and not remotely challenging to me so I'm hoping I can put a lot more of my mental skills to use in a better role, that's not so monotonous.

And also, do the soldier ranks do any actual analysis of the data that they gather or is that mainly an officer job?

Having said all that, I would also enjoy something that's a bit more physically challenging as well, so I'm wondering, do the Int. Corps do any sort of "outdoors" work?

And finally (sorry for the wall of text) probably the most asked/obvious question, but I might as well throw it in here as well - what would an intelligence operator do when on operations somewhere like Afghanistan? Would it still be more clerical types of roles or do they do more direct intelligence gathering on patrols etc. with more of a chance of getting into trouble?

Again, sorry if any of this came across as too naive, but it's from a humble place and I'm ready to be corrected!


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Don't rush off.

Generally, you're on the money - much of the Corps' core activity equates to intellectual office work, it's just that the circumstances and conditions can be somewhat austere on occasion. Generally, it's the NCOs, Warrant Officers and Late Entry Officers who do the heavy lifting in terms of analysis and reporting; Direct Entry Officers, while they do fill int roles, are more generalist and will be directed to staff and command roles as well as specialist int roles.

The work can be amazingly varied and, especially nowadays, there is a strong element of 'outdoor' work, which can be as arduous, dangerous and challenging as you want.
There may be an opening for you in the RLC particularly in the employment formerly performed by the RPC - more affectionately known as the "Chunkies". Theirs is a role suited to the "more mature" and aspiring recruit with plenty of opportunities for both outdoor work (GR in wartime) and rapid promotion !

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