Some Intrestin Things I found on the same Site As the UH-145

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Insp_Wexford, Jul 27, 2006.

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  1. When the bouncers become the bounced

    According to, a British Eurofighter turned the tables on a pair of American F-15 Eagles after a chance encounter turned into a mock dogfight. And the Eurofighter was a trainer.

    The 'clash' took place last year over Windermere when the two-seater RAF Eurofighter was 'bounced' from behind by the two F-15E fighters.

    The US pilots intended to pursue the supposedly hapless 'Limey' for several miles and lock their radars on to it for long enough so that if it had been a real dogfight the British jet would have been shot down.

    But much to the Americans' surprise, the Eurofighter shook them off, outmanoeuvred them and moved into shooting positions on their tails.

    The British pilots themselves were almost as surprised at winning an encounter with an aircraft widely regarded as the best fighter in the world.

    This will no doubt give ammunition to those calling for more F/A-22 fighters in the US Air Force.

    Speaking of outrageously-priced fighter planes, the article notes that Eurofighter supporters were glad to hear some good news since the project was a decade late and $8 billion over budget.

    About Nimrod

    In related news, the Royal Air Force is looking at converting some of its Nimrod reconnaissance planes into long-range bombers. This would give Britain the capability to send missile-armed planes to trouble spots far more quickly than ships could be deployed. The RAF hasn't had a long-range bomber since the Vulcan was retired shortly after the Falklands War in the early 1980s.

    These old, slow planes keep chugging along. And they'll continue to do so as long as they don't have to go up against a top-line opponent. Cruise missiles, advanced electronics, and GPS-guided bombs have made deadly weapons out of old airframes. Now if we can just keep them in the air.

    Here is the link some of it is old but if you've got an hour or 8 to kill at work it beats surfing!
  2. Avro Vulcan low pass, the most fun you could have in a English field with your clothes on!

    Insp_Wexford wrote/quoted
    I would not put the Nimrod in the same league as the Eurofighter Typhoon, the Eurofighter would have been a good aircraft had it appeared towards the end of the 1980s, take one look at the airframe.... it is nearly twenty years out of date. Whilst with the Nimrod, it is practically a new aircraft and for the anti-submarine warfare role it will likely be the absolute World best. Furthermore the Nimrod with a stand off nuclear cruise missile payload has a very useful, strike role. Frankly I thought the Avro Vulcan, should not have been scrapped, in that you could do things in it, that would tear the wings off a B-52 and it could have had new fuel efficent hi-bypass ratio engines fitted and a glass cockpit and crew ejector seats, and the UK with a modernized Vulcan would have had a super-power strategic strike bomber for a song but then again the powers that be decided they would sooner have the Millenium Dome at Greenwich, no accounting for taste is there.

    Zapata rides!