Some "Interesting" Views by Americans

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. These clips are eloquent reminders of the profound meaning of my signature.


  2. I can't follow those links, they are blocked. Any chance of posting the gist of them JJH?
  3. My old Grannie used to say that there were more out than in.
  4. "JJH", I'm afraid that an awful lot of the British "chav" class would give the same type of answer!
    It is also unfortunate that many of the old Government seemed to have the same ideas that the public purse was unlimited and they could WASTE it on any of their beloved pc, multicultural, human rights & other nonsensical "white elephants!! :x :x
  5. Absolutely right, especially in the dying months of their government. It is all the more galling to see their remaining MP's disputing any cuts which are announced.
  6. Too bad as you have to hear it to get the full flavor. Basically they are callers who have called in to radio talk shows--the first are several ladies who are looking for their share of the Obama stimulus money--when pressed by the host as to where this money will come from, one in desperation says from "Obama's stash" making is abundantly clear that they have no notion that every dollar paid by the government to someone is a dollar taken (ultimately at the point of a gun) from someone else who earned enough money to have the "privilege" to pay taxes to the government for redistribution to someone who did not "earn" it.

    The second caller (from her tone and vocabulary apparently "educated") said the recent Arizona law (that purports to basically require existing immigration laws be enforced) was "racist" and that there should be no borders whatever so that anyone who wishes to come to America may. When pressed as to who will pay for this, she also stumbles saying it is from the illegal immigrants who pay taxes (?) but follow up questions made it clear that she too had some vague notion that there was a "pot of gold" somewhere from which all this can be paid with no understanding that the government cannot "make" money (save printing it) but rather takes it from others.
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  7. Cheers JJH. TBH, we have people with those exact idiotic views over here.
  8. So apart from the fact that there are some very stupid and easy to manipulate people about, and that Lord Thomas MacCauley was pretty much wrong, what is the point being made here?
  9. Oh my, where to begin...... :D
  10. That's pathetic. :evil: 8O These clowns don't get it. They don't know where the money is coming from; all they know is it will keep on coming so long as they keep pulling that lever for the Democratic Party. :x

  11. Well, if somebody could persuade the American government that being attacked by nineteen men armed with knives doesn't justify a three trillion dollar war, that might free up some cash for minor items like health, education and national infrastructure.

    On the other hand, the youth of America are probably a lot less likely to get shot at in Afghanistan or Iraq than they are in an American city.
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  12. Begin away, JJ, don't go all shy.

    You might start with a list of democracies that have become dictatorships a la MacCauley.

    I'm no expert but as far as I am aware ever since he came out with that quote we have had an almost never ending series of dictatorships being turned over by democracies.
  13. Gotta remember too that Her Majesty Michelle wasn't even proud to be an American....... until she became First Lady! I think she benefitted too from the 'Pot of Gold.'
  14. Right On.

    Its not as if the killed over three thousand people, or are plotting to overthrow the West is..err,, wait just a moment...

    Ignore him, Colonel.
  15. Clearly the Pres learned from Brown. Second term coming up.