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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. I'd just like to congratulate the French on providing what could prove to be some excellent ammunition in the event of a referendum on the EU constitution:
    So it appears that my worst fears have come true: the EU will be run by French socialists for the benefit of French socialists..... :roll:

    [it's worth noting that "liberal" and "ultra-liberal" are dirty words in French politics used to describe the Free Market (Chirac used it recently as this) - substitute these words above to make more sense of the last two]
  2. Well well well, their true colours have emerged at last.........!

    I think we have always known that the EU existed for the benefit of the French, whether it was via the Common Agricultural Policy, or the Common Fisheries Policy. Their blatant ignorance of EU legislation when it suits them should have also been a bit of a combat indicator.

    I just wonder why these comments are not front page headlines in our daily newspapers?
  3. What the French could never do my military means, they are near to doing by political :roll:

    These quotes should be viewed by all to remind them of what the Constitution really means :evil:
  4. Is this news to anyone? If so, I'm shocked. The whole concept was, and is, a Europe run by France, paid for by Germany. Why else does one suppose that the French opposed Britain's entry?

    Bliar is prepared to sell our sovereignty down the river - he wants to be the first president of a federal Europe.
  5. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but is that not what Monsewer Bliar is expecting and hoping that all of us dullards are going to vote "Yes" for?

    In yer dreams, knobber!
  6. A Europe run by France and paid for by Germany you say?

    Ah, so, morally and economically bankrupt then?
  7. RTFQ


    Beatiful, Cuddles Les mots vrais.

    Can arrse afford a weekly/monthly full page advertisement in a broadsheet? Maybe we can promulgate such valuable information to the population in a way that The Fox News or the Eunochagraph never will?

    We could make that leap from p*ssed off floating voters to the (admittably un-British) heights of Angry Voices of Reason. Most here have earnt the right to do so.
  8. It's worth noting that the vast majority of French opposition to the treaty is either because it's "too anglo-saxon", or because they think it will let Turkey into the EU. Hence the arguament being advanced that it is a very non anglo-saxon treaty - and note that all the quotes are from government ministers. Political lying isn't limited to this country!

    The French have certainly always intended for the EU to be an extension of the Napoleonic "continental system", and to a large extent in the early days this was true. With enlargement, I'm no longer sure it is - the vast majority of the countries to join the EU in the recent wave are far closer to the UK ideologically than to France. I personally think the EU is moving strongly in the free-trade direction, but obviously enough isn't there yet.
    It is certainly interesting to see the way the new commission is developing (and even more interesting to see the EU civil service). In the new commission, IIRC Lithuania got a more important job than France, while the German demand for a "super-commissioner" was turned down with a "you must be joking". The civil service is moving much the same way - while it was originally an extension of the French civil service, it is much more varied now and several of the senior posts have gone to British civil servants.

    Not that this affects the constitution, but I'm personally pretty optimistic about the way the EU is going.
  9. I'm not! I've just returned from 7 months working in the European Parliament. It is every bit the bureaucratic, pointlessly over-regulated, red tape nightmare you'd expect - not to mention an institutionally corrupt gravy train. And those Eurosceptics who dare to voice their concerns are treated as wilfully stupid, misguided or just plain evil to DARE oppose the shining vision of a glorious European superstate.

    It is so clear, when you actually spend there, that the EU is - and always has been - destined to be a superstate. That was always the plan behind it, and it is far too advanced to change that plan now - which is why the UK needs to leave! If the constitution is ratified it will lead to the end of independent nation states.

    Oh - I had a blog about my time working there, if you're interested. Here.
  10. And aren't we all so pleased...thats a relief sign me up. Mandleson, Kinnock and British Civil Serpents no one ever explained it like that to me before. :wink:
  11. Hey, I didn't say things were good, merely that they were getting better (or perhaps "less bad" is a better phrase!). After all, the civil servants are the ones who really run the place, and if they're all French we really are in trouble.
  12. That's a bit like saying that botulism is "less bad" than ebola...
  13. Yes, but if you've got Ebola and the chance to swap it for Botulism...

    Oh, and Arfur, thanks, that was pretty interesting.
  14. I'll second that, Arfur; a real pleasure to read.