Discussion in 'Infantry' started by SONOFHOMER, Nov 25, 2008.

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  1. What do the verticle lines on the regimental belt signify if any i understand this is a thred brought through from the LI
  2. When I was capbadged LI I was told they represent Battle honors.

    I'm sure Ugly will be better informed than I.
  3. And I will always be a Light Infantryman, even If I'm now wearing the Lion Rampant!
  4. When I was attached to the LI for a while and they said they were for battle honours but that would have meant that fat blerks would have had more battle honours than racing snakes! :lol:

    The Light Infantry stable belt was originally made according to two patterns. The first pattern had flat webbing which quickly creased and looked remarkably scruffy; the second pattern was made of much more robust, ribbed webbing. This is the type still worn today. Both types had two black leather straps, chromed buckles and chromed adjustment slide. Originally Light Infantry stable belts were buckled on the left hip. In 1992 the Colonel of the Regiment decreed that our stable belts should be buckled centrally