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Hey all, Hopefully re-joining again under a different trade and im looking at maybe the RLC. Can anyone suggest a decent trade within the RLC and provide a little information please. Been looking at ammo-tech or maybe tank transporter.

Was MD'd last month from 2rtr however i didnt choose an alternate trade, instead i left and im now regretting that decision! Im perfectly capable of working however i do need to stay away from heavy lifting.
Chap_in_black said:
Was MD'd last month from 2rtr however i didnt choose an alternate trade, instead i left and im now regretting that decision! Im perfectly capable of working however i do need to stay away from heavy lifting.
go to uni and get a new career. if you have been MD it will not set you very good for the future, new career is the way forward.
To be honest my heart isnt set on uni or any more further education, ive heard its very possible to re-join even after MD from quite a few people. Im going to try either way, If i cant then fair enough ive tried but in the mean time if i do get back in i'd just like to find a suitable job within the army.
If you need to stay away from lifting you'll probably have to look at the AGC. Our previously gentile trade of Sup Con has been amalgamated with Storeman which now involves a bit more physical work and I cannot think of any other trade in the RLC where you wouldn't have to lift.
I see, im more than capable of lifting unless in extreme cases! Working on afv's and heavy equipment is a pretty un-realistic choice now but i know i can work with less-heavier equipment! BPFA/CFT isnt a problem, its just proving that i can do it. Its quite hard to word but it sounds a lot worse than it is. Is AT a realistic choice?



Lets be honest here.

You have been medically discharged yes?
Although you state that you can lift, there is obviously a problem here which isnt going to get any better is it?

Your wasting your time. You will always be required to have to lift something heavy sometime especially on Ops.

Go find another job where lives wont be be potentially put at risk due to your disability.
Ideally i need a professional medical opinion which i'll get once applying again, So really the question is IF i got the all clear medical-wise, would ammo-tech be a good choice of trade? Or if not, what else.

Thanks for the replys guys.
Well if you go EOD the bomb suit wont really be your thing if you cant lift much weight, along with the equipment walking to your IED.


There is no trade in RLC or indeed the army where you will NOT be required to lift. Be it ammo tech and their equipment to chef and their bags of spuds...................Give it up as your the weak link before you have even started.
I can lift thats the thing, I injured myself working on AFV's and as a result i was MD'd, i have no problems now and i need to prove that fact to the necessary people. Either way, I will go ahead with this as im extremely confident in my ability to do to the job.
Anyway the only way forward now is to be medically examined, so thanks again to those who have helped.
Sorry Chap_in_black, but if you can't lift heavy things then you're going to struggle to convince the army to take on in any role, let alone Ammo Tech.

As mentioned, IEDD role is probably a non-starter.

Working within the depot role you could well be required to lift a few heavy things, ask the Gun Bunnies, 155mm shells ain't light.

Have you the requisite 3 GCSE's at C or above? If not then you may find it hard to even be loaded onto selection.

Edited to add:

So you can lift? Now I'm confused, did the Quack get the nature or seriousness of your previous injury wrong?

First Question I would ask at AT-Preselection; Why were you MD'd?

Guess where the interview is going from there.
I see what your saying apfsdsdu, but id certainly like to at least try and return, then if all fails i can at least say i have tried and then ill have a final decision.
About the grades, Yes not a problem.
Anyone know the exact process if re-join? Afco-Medical-selection(again?)Would i have to prove that i can lift? Ironicly i even goto the gym 2/3 times a week.
Ive always been able to lift with little problems however at one stage i started getting sharp pains in my lower back. Concerned I went to the physio who ran me through a few programs and resulted in an appointment with a medical officer who then assessed me with a few others and told me she strongly disagrees with me staying in the armd corps and should decide on a new trade.
At this stage i did not want another trade as i was adument i wanted to stay in my job.
Next thing i know, ive been put through for MD as i did not want another trade. I had no final medical, no final CO's interview and thats that!

Now im regretting not choosing another trade and not putting my foot in and appealing.
Surely if you were MD but are now fit then you were unfairly dismissed?
Either way, if your not FE, it's going to affect whatever trade you want to transfer join.

You will certainly struggle to be selected as an AT. We are no different than any other trade/role in that we can just about live with guys who for one reason or another have minor mobility issues.

There are also a few places experienced guys can be used, who are permanently downgraded, but as for starting your career with an injury that precludes a large portion of your trade requirement, I just can't see it.

Minimum standard for new recruit into the trade is FE. We have accepted lower recently, but that was to fill a gap brought about by the FAS uplift. This shortfall at Jnr Rank has now been filled so it's going to be even harder to convince people you are still physically capable of filling the role.

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