some help with where postings are?


I'm a bit new to this, so hope I'm doing everything right!

My hubby has been given a list of possible postings & is quite new to the army, so trying to have a look at where they are in the country etc. Found out where half of them are, but are struggling with the following:


They may not have spelt these right - this might be why we're having trouble finding them. But if anyone knows where these bases are ....any help would be most appreciated. Would be great to have a bit of heads up before he has to hand in his posting preference form

Ive never heard of any of them!


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I assume this not a wah. If it is it's a pretty poor one !

Therefore to be helpful, I think you might mean these locations:

Kaneton - Kineton
Wheaton - Weeton
Broadie - Brawdy ?
Peremdown - ???
Alderstone - Aldershot or Aldergrove

If your other half has an ArmyNet account he could look up the units in those locations.

I hope this helps.
thanks everyone - I've been stressing over this for ages by myself. Can't believe they've managed to spell them so wrong. Think I've got it all sorted now. Perham Down is pretty close to us also, so this is a bonus
I think the last one is Aldergrove as Aldershot is also on the list.

thanks again
Army Manning have spelt most of the names wrong. Not a Wah. My Mrs has the same list given to her by Glasgow. She is a Cambridge Med grad, and she couldnt figure it out either.

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