Some help really appricated

Hi, i know its friday,and on my easter leave. but im currently, well was in week 7 training for the yorks and decided that i wanted to DAOR,anyway i handed my letter in and got transfered to hook company.sorry to mention i'm in itc catterick.but had a good think now and decided i no longer want the Daor and want to stay in the army. my questions is because im in hook and my process has gone through for the daor,will that mean i can no longer stay anymore and have to daor? and if i could stay i also want to move across from yorkshire regiment to the fusliers is that possible too?
I know i should be really asking this question in catterick,but because i'm at home maybe somebody can give thumbs up.


I went to good ol' Hook coy last year as a DOAR from PARA coy, and decided i wanted to reallocate. Handed in a letter stating that I had changed my mind about leaving and wanted to reallocate etc etc and handed it into the OC. Had a interview with him and the CSM and the DOAR got stopped and the process to reallocate started.

I'm guessing you'll probably have to have a interview with the OC of the company you came from to go back or if you can change to fusillers the OC/ 2ic of the Queens Div Company.

Be prepared for a ear full from Nikki though if shes still there................

Good Luck

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