Some help from those serving would be greatly appreciated

Dear All, (Arrse Moderator Approved Request)

I am a a former Soldier/Ocdt who has been working for AU/ASIS East Africa, who is now back at University as a mature student. I am studying Action Photography and am due to go to Iraq with Reuters in November and to Kabul to take a photo profile of the ANA at Christmas. I very much need some practice shots for my course portfolio (not for sale) and would happily take pics for Regt. magazines etc in return for any help offered.
I have placed myself on the list with Media Ops in Wilton to Embed with UKLF in Uk and Overseas but as am not accredited to a broadsheet etc. the chances of going down this path are similar to chocolate tea pots becoming a major hit on the high street.
If anyone would like pictures of a sub unit/unit/BG Ex or other event I would be truly grateful.
In Addition I have started a project with a former RN Pilot to use photography as a self help means for those suffering from PTSD as a way of self expression and therapy. With many a Med centre being bypassed by guys and girls not wishing to admit things through fear of being discharged it could be something which could be used to seriously improve the lives of some as it is easier to get stuck into creating images than it is to admit something that to many is still seen as an embarresment

For both of the above please PM me here on the site and I will get back to you accordingly. For the taking pics side of things, full references are available from the University if this assists the process.

Many thanks


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