Some Guys Have All The Luck

Dateline: Glendale, California..
Seems Juan Manuel Alvarez [ age 25 ] was depressed over his marital difficulties and decided to off himself.. Unsuccessful at stabbing himself in the chest and slitting his wrists he drove his SUV onto railway tracks and watched as a high speed commuter train barrelled toward him.. Chickening out once again, he jumped' ship' at the last minute to watch his auto get totalled, derailing one train and causing it to smash into a second coming the other way..
Result hundreds injured and 11 people dead.

Ol ' Jaun was arrested for his ' foolishness' and his been charged by the cops with multiple counts of murder which makes him eligible for the California Death Penalty [ absolving him of his committment issues when it comes to completing tasks ]..

good on you, Juan!!

He's currently in medical detention on suicide watch just in case he actually decides this time is it and thus robs the state of a public expense ' removal '
[ after the appropriate long and tedious trail and years of appeal which, I gather is SOP ]

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