Some great military pics

Agent_Smith said:
Speaking of that site, i think i've found someone on here has an album on that site
You dont have a job which is of any vital importance do you agent_smith.... look above your last ;)
fair cop (if you pardon the pun.

I hadnt refeshed the page before i reposted. :lol:


agent smith


'some great military pics': so pics of some slightly overweight geezer with a Blue Oyster Bar moustache posing with exotic gats count as great do they? Where are Don McCullin or Robert Capa when you need them eh?

now theres a classic!!

bloody ali babas! :D :D :D

agent smith

PS i wonder how they would explain that at customs
"Weapons" is filtered at my office :( :( :( so I can't see photos of the lovely armourer
There may be exceptions, but this site seems to be a showground for the most dangerous people in a combat zone - the Walts & Exes. Nothing worse than meeting someone that 'used to be in X, Y or Z' and is out there without proper control.
They are ex-military for very good reasons! Noncey weight-lifting, body-waxing, no-brain, gung-ho freaks.
does that include armourer (who looks like an extra from the starsky and hutch :) )

agent smith
Some good stuff there but a lot of the members are, or appear to be, in their teens.
Once their input is filtered out, then the rest is a goldmine of information on the Worlds armed forces & the equipment used.

Before anybody notices; yes I am the Oddbod on there as well :wink:


F**king scary that these people are actually serious.

What goes on in their minds for God's sake?

(Mind you the UK section of Iraqi Freedom has some quality pics, although they all seem to be from the pro photographers and there's too many Booties)

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