Some good news.

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Bloody good show.
What a farce that he was ever charged. Charging this officer and the other soldiers sums up the disgusting little t*rd Bliar and his revolting side-kicks and their pathetic attempt to placate the politically correct. How can a man send a nation illegally to war, having lied to the nation about the reasons for going to war, then stand aside as his 'cronies', masquerading as senior legal officers in the government, try the soldiers the bent little sod sent to war?
Some mechanism for destroying and then punishing Bliar MUST be found.
Very good news indeed, and congratulations to Col.Mendonca, assuming this report is verified as true.

However, as far as I can see, the other courts-martial are still proceeding, so once again, I would ask you not to comment on theses cases.

I am aware some of you are probably itching to contribute, being friends of, or close to the cases but as per usual, please refrain from commentary on specifics until the close.


Not open for further replies.

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