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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muzzleflash, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. Hurrah - the boy Swiss Tony done good and squeezed some cash out of that po-faced sulky idiot Brown. :D
  2. Isn't it easier just to stop taking the TAX in the first place instead of taxing the bonus that's meant to pay off the tax bill... Or am I being too simple here.

  3. The BBC hinted at both measures! Perhaps it is too good to be true - is the glass half empty.

    Maybe Brown is on safe ground however. I'm sure a combination of idiot clerks/AGC/EDS etc can royally fcuk this up under JPA. Tell me I'm wrong.
  4. There speaks the voice on experience.
  5. I understand from radio 4 that a package of Tax and other incentives will be announced today by the Chancellor today with a further announcement in Parliament. Well done to all those on various threads on this site who brought this up over a year ago. I don't think anyone should be in any doubt that it was this site which ignited the issue and was later taken up by newspapers and later politicians under pressure to do so. This brings out a number of issues regarding the Armed Forces Pay Review Body (AFPRB) why did it take so long? and are the AFPRB really independent when dealing with pay issues. I don't think anyone can be in any doubt now that in our media society it is only by bringing these issues within the public arena which forces action to be taken. The case for an independent professional body to represent service personnel in the form of BAFF is clearly made.
  6. Going to wait to see what restrictions they place on this. Backdated to when? Qualifying time in theatre? Hoping that it's good, but having over 20 years experience of politicians and their "good ideas" for the Armed Forces, I will carry on breathing until the details are clearer. It may not be time to touch the forelock and say "yessir, thankyousir, gratefulsir".....
  7. SkyNet.

    I agree whole heartedly with your statement, it's just at what cost to those same servicemen and women. We have a "Chancellor" deciding this and not the SoS for Defence giving this, the same fcuking chancellor who p1sses funds down the pan on BLOLNs* support organisations when he won’t approve an upgrade or replacement for aged helicopters without first ensuring that the MOD takes a hit

    This government couldn't wipe its own arrse without someone giving them directions. Very good news all the same

    JJ (rant, rant, rant)

    * (black lesbian one legged nurse)
  8. Don't worry it will be an announcement to introduce as a manifesto pledge for roll out in 2010 knowing that they will not be in power then but they will be able to say that they had at least had the intention.

    Guess I had better hunt out by cynicism tablets and take my daily dose :$
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    From Yahoo-

    LONDON (Reuters) - The government will announce a pay rise on Tuesday for soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan as recognition for the ferocity of the fighting there.

    Government sources called accurate a report in the Sun newspaper that soldiers would be given a special bonus to cover their tax bills when they returned from war.

    About time too lads! You deserve it!!!!
  10. Lamb lasagne tonight.