Some good motorcycle websites / forums for tourers

Thought i'd chuck up for general interest some m/c websites and forums i find have a good bunch of helpful, like-minded people for whom there is more to motorcycling than just speed.

::. .:: - Powered by vBulletin primarily aimed at 'Tossers' - riders of BMW GS m/c's. Has plenty of general touring info and ride reports and a lot of very helpful folk.

" - The Best Biking Roads In The Alps" Great site listing the great passes in Europe. Doesn't matter if you are a tourer or a power ranger, these roads are awesome.

Welcome to Adventure Bike Rider good forum for 'Adventure Biker' be they local or around the world. accompanies the mag' of the same name.

Never know, some might not be aware of these and might get something from them. I have/do.


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