Some good IRR news about your MTP (thread for kit freaks / geeks only!)


We've been taking a side-by-side look at the older C95 style MTP kit and the new issue MTP today and of course I felt the need to take a couple of infra-red pictures. Yawn. I know but for some reason it interests me so for other IRR perverts out there and for those that don't wish to get shot by baddies with II at night, there's good news. A set of MTP (old style) after 6 months in Afghanistan looks exactly the same as a new set through the IR camera, ie. repeated washing and getting a general beasting doesn't trash the IRR treatment. I was pleasantly surprised by that - good effort Crye precision / Chinese MTP factory.

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The kit being worn in one of the pics not so hot though.

Bloody good match to the leafy background too.

IRR geek out.


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Ive been looking for this for a while and now ive found it thought I would share fellow IRR Geek IRR comparison.jpg
This would be the perfect place to put an image of a Mk 7 (6a) MTP helmet cover with/without helmet band, NBC boot, green tape, scrim etc under IR conditions....

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