Some good advice from Musharraf

From the Sunday Times

Some quotes:

"“They should have been doing what they have been demanding of us to do — to ban extremist groups like they asked us to do here in Pakistan and which I have done,”

In particular, he said, Britain should have banned Al-Muhajiroun and Hizb ut-Tahrir, groups that he accuses of preaching anger and hatred and of calling for his own assassination.

“They could have banned these two groups. Good action is when you foresee the future and pre-empt and act beforehand, instead of reacting as in the case of Britain — which waited for the damage to be done and is now reacting to it.”

“Many people around the world find it convenient to leave their countries and go to Britain, which they regard as a safe haven as it wants to project itself as a champion of human rights,” Musharraf said.

“But now they (Britain) have to reconsider and take action against these groups.”

“They came on their British passports — what do you expect us to do? Prevent British passport holders from entering? “The British government should look at those it has given passports to and we should look at those entering our country.”
Q1. And did the mad Mush tell BritGov all of this ?

Q2. And did he ban foreigners (UK Passport of Pakistani descent) from the Mudraces (deliberate mis-sp) after 7/7 ?.

Q3. And why did he only act after 21/7, which was an East-African 'cell' ?.

A. Because he's a politician, so he's doing what suits him, when it suits him, and giving reasons that suit him.

So, nothing new there.


PartTimePongo said:
Ah yes, but Blair needed those votes.

Unlike Musharraf who didn't let such irritations as 'Democratic process' trouble him overly much :)

Why waste time on the admin when you've got guns?


Don't knock the man - he is as on side as he can be in order to survive as leader of his country. Pakistan has been doing some good stuff on its border with Afghanistan against the Taliban et al, and he is now getting stuck into the radical clerics.

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