Some freaky sh1t.

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Ravers, Jun 25, 2010.

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  1. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Didn't know where to post this so I've stuck it in here. Mods feel free to move it if there is already a thread about something similar.

    The following is a completely true account of a phone call I received from my mum last night and I will recount it here as best I can. I have absolutely no reason to believe what my mum said is untrue and she isn't on any strong medication or drugs that I know of, she doesn't drink either.

    So here goes.

    Usual niceties are exchanged, ''how's the missus getting along, is the bump showing etc. etc.''

    Then mum pipes up, ''I went to a psychic party last night.''

    Now being fairly open minded but not having much belief in ghosts our any of that stuff, very little could prepare me for what was about to come. For a full account of my religious beliefs go here:

    So mum continues, ''I walked into the room with the psychic, a woman I had never met, who was completely unaware that I was even coming to the party.''

    The woman instantly says: ''I've got your mother here and she has passed away.'' My Gran died about 5 years ago.

    ''She says the initials P and C are very important and they are people who are very close to you.'' My Gran's name was Pam, my Grandfather's name was Christopher, likewise my mum's boyfriend's name begins with a P and my name begins with a C.

    She continues: ''Your mother wants you to know that it was her who knocked the picture over.'' My mum has a phot of her mum on the mantelpiece which mysteriously fell over last week.

    The Psychic continues: ''Your mother is saying something about a blue Vauxhall and how she loved to watch it pull up because she knew it was you.'' My mum owned three different blue Vauxhalls during the time my Gran was alive.

    ''Your mother is with your father and they want you to know that the bad feeling that existed between them is now gone.'' My Grandparents divorced in the 70s and didn't speak for the rest of their lives, my Grandfather passed away last year.

    ''Your father is giving you a large bowl of chopped fruit for some reason, it has bananas in it and it is in a glass bowl.'' Whenever we went to my Grandfather's place for scran, he would serve fruit salad which my mum loves, always in a large glass bowl with chopped bananas.

    ''Your father is saying he likes your funny little caravan or campervan which is at your house and he sits in it sometimes.'' With some of the money my mum inherited when my Grandfather died, she bought a 1967 Bedford campervan, it lives in the garage next to her house.

    ''Your mother says someone is moving house soon and you looked at a house recently and she was with you.'' My sister is moving into a new house next month, the night before the party, her and my mum went to see the place.

    ''Your mother also says she wants you to make a trip or possibly go and live in California and it's important.'' My Gran was born in California and most of my family live there including my mum's brother and sister, my mum and her sister recently had a massive row and haven't spoken for a couple of months.

    ''Finally your mother and father are going to give you a feather and it will be a gift from them.'' That evening my mum was tabbing in the garden and a small feather blew down from the roof of the house and landed on her, my sister witnessed this.

    Now personally I like to keep an open mind, but this freaked me out a little. There is far too much coincidental stuff for her to have made it up, likewise she had no opportunity to talk to anyone about my mum prior to the meeting. Some of the stuff she said could be quite upsetting for someone if it weren't true, for instance the fact that both my mum's parents were dead and that they didn't get on with each other. I doubt the psychic would have risked upsetting someone by making assumptions like that.

    I'm just a bit baffled by all this really and I'm not really sure how I feel about it. Has anyone else ever experienced some weird and freaky shit?
  2. I've won £10 on the lottery a couple of times.......
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Why do you feel the need to crayon over my thread with such outlandish stories and blatant lies? :D
  4. Nothing quite as wierd and freaky as that - assuming you are telling the truth. the first two I would put down to lucky guess work and the feather bit down to coincidence but the rest of it tells me your mum has a stalker!
  5. To paraphrase Milligan ... " I can vouch for the truth of that man's lies " because freakily I too once won £10 on the lottery .
  6. I once got one of the choices on my pref posting. 8O
  7. Because his comedy resemembles his efforts in doing over arm pull ups, never quite gets there and becomes painful quickly
  8. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Honestly I have no idea what it's all about. My old dear wouldn't lie about it and I can't really think of any reason a 'psychic' would stalk her for months in order to make £25 at a party and wind a few people up.

    It's freaked me out a bit. I might go to the pub and ponder my spirituality while I get battered.

    Yeah that'll work. :)
  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Good idea, I tried that once when the reggies at HMS Collingwood were after me.

    Unfortunately I just ended up burning my fingers and getting arrested.
  10. Frauds.

    I saw a poster on the A23 last year.

    It said:

    24-25TH MARCH 2009

    Now if they really are psychic, they don't need the posters to advertise. They'd all turn up after getting a message through the ether from their red indian spirit guides surely?
  11. Next time you happen across a virgin, sacrifice her on an East facing alter at dusk on the night of a full moon. Collect the blood and mix with the urine of a pregnant goat. place the mixture in a large flat bowl and gaze into and beyond the surface of the liquid. There you will find the answers you seek.
  12. I am the biggest skeptic over everything like this, and it would take a huge amount to convince me otherwise.
  13. And he opened a fish and bread shop but had to close it after the first 5000 people came through
  14. For you I see trouble ahead :?

    My vision is you will get blasted for being a non believer! 8O

    edited for mong spelling