Some Dimensions


I have an Apache coming for a show in London. Question is how much space do I need for the beast???

I am working on 20mx20m this must include rotor span.

Serious question would like serious answers please
Also how will it come? is it standard Low Loader??
Have already looked around but I wanted some idea of how far the rotors droop when stationary.

Thats why I asked on here as I havent seen one at a show yet.
And is it on a standard Low loader
MS 164,
If you are asking a serious question and expecting serious answers on a web site such as this then you clearly very naive/stupid/immature. If you really want to know the answer to your query, I would like to think you have an element of military nounce which again begs the question, why come to this web site. If you do have some military nounce, you will also know how the thing was arranged to be there in the first place, the only two locations where the things are (in UK) and who to speak to within those locations. If you are simply curious, then again, get in touch with one of the two UK locations they are stationed, ask for a look see and take a tape measure, it isn't that big a secret. Finally, you will be amazed to hear there are personnel within the AAC whose job it is to make sure the thing will fit into wherever it is going however it is getting there. Worry ye not.

Or, are you are a spotter hoping to catch a glimpse of the thing on the back of a low loader for your album?
Not at all am on leave and thought I might get a heads up before I get back to work and my boss asks me the same bone question.

Forwarned is for armed and all that.

Agreed it was a stupid idea to come on and ask.
By the way its for the MPH show at Earlscourt.

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