Some decent service and decent product. Altberg boots

In these days of low standards and product bashing, would like to highlight a gleaming example of decent product and service.
Having decided to bite the bullet and spend the money on some decent boots, I looked at all the usual brands, Lowa, Danner, Matterhorn et al, and decided to drive to Richmond to speak to Altberg. What can I say. Apart from a brilliant product, the service at their shop is second to none. I now have a pair of boots that are fitted to me , by experts, with more advice on how i am walking badly, how to correct the problem and advice on how to look after my feet for thew future. Apart from the, in my humble opinion, brilliant service, the craic going around the shop was fierce.
A mixture of serving, ex serving, Civ Pol, Motorcyclists, ramblers. All getting the same banter and abuse from the staff was almost worth the journey in itself.
To anyone looking to buy a decent pair of boots, try Altberg, Lowa make decent boots, but these guys service outstrips any mass retailer and is well worth the journey.
One man with happy feet.
My motorcycle boots came from them. Top bunch they are, excellent service.
You could have included a link.

Altberg are very highly regarded by those in the know. Their boots are excellent.
Theres something very reassuring about a product thats handmade in Yorkshire, where proper people come from. :)


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I've said it several times on this forum - Altberg are tops.


I went to the Altberg shop, tried on the "off the peg" range and was advised that I needed a made to measure pair.

I got measured, paid the extra and waited the 8 weeks for my boots to arrive. When I finally got them, they were no better than the ones I tried on in the shop, with just a tiny bit of extra foam stitched on to the tongue.

I gave them a while to see if they just needed breaking in, but to be honest they were nowhere near the shape of my feet and I ended up giving them away.

I now stick to Hanwags, which fit great straight out of the box. Sorry not to support the tone of the thread, but I found their service slow, expensive and ultimately not worth the money.
After visiting the John Bull shop in Catterick during an OBUA training period in Whinny Hill, people from my company and I got several pairs of the Altberg "EOD Para" model before a winter Kosovo tour; within weeks, the stitching of the plastic gromlets (hence "EOD" because there is no metal in the boot) came undone.

Needless to say, we weren't impressed at all.

On the other end, I have never been let down by my Danner boots.
i invested in my first pair of alt bergs a couple of months ago, and to be honest they are spot on. very little breaking-in, lighter than pro-boots and as said the banter in the shop was fierce. top bunch, top boots and had no issues dishing £116 out for them.

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