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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Blade-Runner, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. Reaffirmation of my (humble) opinion that tattoos and facial piercings on chicks have about as much class as "Golddigga" trackie bottoms, Jeremy Kyle appearances or skid-marks.

    Revolting wenches.
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  2. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Some very pretty women in among there - and prettier for being 'ordinary'. But there're a few who sit fairly high on the 'Oh, dear' list, too.

    [Sez me sitting fully clothed and safe in the anonymity of the interweb...]

    Talking about this the other day with a female nurse friend, though, she was talking about how the 'ideals' which people are supposed to aspire to/find attractive are getting more and more extreme. 'Normal' isn't good enough and it's affecting a lot of young people quite severely. So I think anything which helps improve people's self-images and confidence levels has to be applauded.

    Oh, and as it's the NAAFI: 'smash', 'back doors' etc, etc, etc.
  3. Quote
    "He asks women to volunteer for the project and shows up at their door, having never seen them before, for the nude photo shoot."
    I see a potential problem with this.
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  4. Daily Heil now "Minging Minge Mag", whatever next?
  5. One comment was this "despite their ordinary looks and disgusting tattooed bodies,go away please"

    What a fucking queer!
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  6. Not at all, he is establishing a back story. When the first suprise sex goes tits up; he has a ready made reason for the misunderstanding and photo evidence to back up his 'alibi'. He has thought this through and laid the groundwork. Like that doris who takes photos of naked kiddies. Its not pervy, its art, innit?

    Sheer genius!
  7. Is this the same shitbag, arsehole readership, wankersaurus, every journo is a twat, hypocritical, borderline racist, bullshit story, cuntpaper that has been lobbying to stop online porn?

    Every reader deserves syphalis for supporting that shitty little rag.
  8. Their nipples look weird
  9. How prudish of the Mail. Pixelated nipples, its not as if you dont know that they are there is it?
  10. I liked the one where she's kneeling down at the Aga....? Now at some subliminal level....
  11. I fucking would.

    Every one of them.

    [of the ones in the Daily Mail article. Some of the ones in the actual project website would take some serious fucking drinking first.]
  12. Well Miss X, you would have this court believe that you invited a total stranger into your home, whereupon you voluntarily stripped naked & posed in provocative positions & you didn't expect that he's smash both of your doors in?
  13. Yet for some reason number 4 isn't.