Some countries get it right.......

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Battsimm, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. Found this little snippet on a Landrover forum and thought, well you know what i was thinking dont you...............

    Have a look....

    Ahhhhhhh, if only................
  2. Well done the AUSSIES AGAIN
  3. Seems fair enough. Well done Australia. Have we actually deported anyone yet ??
  4. Bugger. That's my visa down the crapper then!
  5. DEPORTED! Thats a word not in the New Labour dictionary!!
  6. Strange how I have to jump through hoops to get into Australia, but any Immigrant can wander in to the country as he/she wishes
  7. Not wishing to raise hackles - but that little gem could have been lifted straight from the BNP manifesto
  8. Outstanding! At least the Aussie's have got the B*lls to say enough is enough! When do you think we can expect a similar from President Blair?
  9. Which Gem????
  10. Wah???
  11. If we even raised this in the UK you be accused as a racist..... Sad but true they all chant how much they hate us but they like the welfare state.
  14. The problem in Australia is EXACTLY the problem you Brits face. Past labour governments have opened the floodgates to waves of these sh1tbags because of one simple fact. More votes! Create ethnic enclaves where dependence on welfare is the key to survival, and who is going to argue against their meal ticket. Post WW2 immigrants in the main assimilated, but an underclass of disaffected Muslims plus our equivalent of benefit addicted chavs will try to maintain the status quo.
  15. F**king good on them I say. 8)