Some Codes i dont get

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by adamb, Oct 30, 2008.

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  1. Got my ADSC instructions today and i dont get the following stuff

    RMT Carry
    Social visit to NAAFI ( whats NAAFI? )
    CMS(R) Breif

    & TST is it technical selection test? If so does everybody do this or is it just for jobs like REME etc? Im going for

    1:- Infantry
    2:- Artillery
    3:- RL Driver

  2. CMSR Brief - Brief of what to expect during phase 1
    RMT Carry - Walking with a 20kg Jerry can in each hand
    NAAFI - Like a bar, but on camp
    PSS(R) - not too sure on this one, maybe the new name for the 1.5 miler?

    TST - As far as I'm aware it's only Infantry that don't do it, so either Arty or RLC Driver require you to do it, it's easy anyway. I had H/Cav as my second job choice and so had to do it. (Back in 2003)
  3. Nah its not the PSS(R) i dont think, saying that it might be the gym tests. Thanks for the others :) This NAAFI bar, all people inc phase 1 people go too?
  4. Depends which RSC you go to, If it's Glenncourse It will likely have some RRS lads in there. If its Pirbright or anywhere like that there will be some recruits for you.
  5. Sorry for any incon i caused with the times, thanks for letting me know :D
  6. PSS(R) - Physical Selection Standards (Recruits)

    It's your heaves, static lift, dynamic lift and back extensions.
  7. Thanks worm.
  8. Aren't the staff picking you up at the train station? :?
  9. Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes (NAAFI) is an organisation created by the British government in 1921 to run recreational establishments needed by the British Armed Forces, and to sell goods to servicemen and their families. It runs clubs, bars, shops, supermarkets, launderettes, restaurants, cafés and other facilities on most British military bases. Also stands for No Ambitions And F*ckall Interest
  10. Sorry for any incon with the times, thanks for letting me know. :D
  11. No idea mate, although when you're in Sheffield be sure to spend some time seeing the sights and basking in the glory of the greatest City in the world.

    It'll knock minutes off your run time.
  12. Lol i don't think ill move out the station for the hour, ill be to excited lol.
  13. Your loss! Abit of the Steel City in your bones will help you pass.

    If you fail you know why.
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    PSS(R) stands for Physical Selection Standards (Recruits). It comprises of 6 assessments:

    1) Jerry Can Carry
    2) Back Extension Strength
    3) Static Lift Strength
    4) Dynamic Lift Strength
    5) Under Arm Heaves
    6) 1.5 mile (2.4 Km) run (i.e. Aerobic Fitness Assessment (AFA))

    Taking them one at a time:
    1) 5 x 30 metre lengths carrying 2 x 20Kg jerry can at the same pace as a PTI.
    2) & 3) are you pulling and pushing against fixed objects. A computer calculates the resistance etc.
    4) Simulates lifting an ammo box up onto the back of a truck (1.45 metres). The start weight for males is 30 Kg and max weight is 55Kg.
    5) Pretty much explains itself, but will give you a golden tip; if you are going practice these, make sure that you extend your arms all the way back down after each heave or they won't count them. Do as many as possible, will end when your feet hit the floor.
    6) You'll get a 6 minute warm up of jogging/walking half a mile as a squad before the 1.5 mile best individual effort.

    There is a Body Mass Index calculation which falls under PSS(R) too. The RMT Carry may refer to something called Representative Military Tasks though that is something that i carried out after Phase 1 training.

    Just give maximum effort mate, good luck!

    eited to add: Beaten to it by worm!
  15. You had a better/fuller answer than me.

    Might wanna edit again to change your answer for number one to 2 jerry cans though. Otherwise people are in for an unpleasant suprise when the weight suddenly doubles :D