some cheerful news for a change swedes and shaggy dogs

Joshua Slocum

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The Swedish Adventure racing team competing in Ecuador found themselves adopted by a stray mutt
the mutt then joined them on the trek even swimming in the sea until one member pulled him in
so they adopted him as part of the four man/one dog team
of course they did not get first place but instead got a far better result
Arthur the Mutt is now a famous Swedish Citizen

Gout Man

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I saw that on the news earlier, made me smile I must say and like you say a happy story for once.


Nice story, good out come and Disney are making the film.
Have to agree that in amongst all the usual bollaux on the news yesterday, this cheered me up no end.
Even the news readers seemed relieved to be able to report something a little lighter in tone.
Mans best friend? Absolutely.
That's my dog Bertie, I left him tied up to a lampost while I went into the post office to collect my pension, and then he was gone! I demand compensation - to whom do I speak? Oh, no, hang about that was Leamington Spa.... I get them mixed up
That dog is going to be bitterly disappointed when he finds out that normal walkies is a lot shorter.
Also the South Korean team are probably wondering what happened their iron rations.
Good post. Looks like he has a bit of lab in him, so it reminds me a bit of my yellow lab monty
Really sorry about that post, i don't know what I was thinking,

Its spade obviously.
It wasn't funny the first time, so stop digging!


I did enjoy that, thanks for the uplift among all the crap on the news.
Good drills that Swede and that dog.


Nice music to this one and some nice photos of the hound.


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