Some Birthday

I recently turned forty.That morning, I came downstairs wandering if my wife had cooked a special birthday breakfast. No such luck, she rushed past me, with a "Must dash, I've got a shopping date and I don't want to be late." And she'd gone. No good morning, no happy birthday, no kiss not even a peck on the cheek, nothing, zero, f***all. I went into the kitchen and my son and daughter were just leaving. "Gotta go, or we'll be late for school." They went without even a goodbye. So much for a loving family on my fortieth, the big four o.
I couldn't face even a coffee after that, so went off to work. When I got to the office, Mary, the receptionist said. " Morning Rob, Happy Birthday." I felt a bit better. "Morning Mary." As I passed through the building, everyone said nice things, 'happy birthday' 'have a great day' etc etc. I was feeling good by now but still pissed off with my family. Just then, the M.D.,Angela, called me into her office and said. "Happy Birthday Rob, we'll finish early today and I'll treat you to lunch." Came midday,we took a taxi to a little french bistro and had a wonderful intimate lunch with a few glasses of quality wine. Angela is a great looker with lovely legs and was getting to look better and better as lunch progressed. She said. " This has been really nice Rob, it seems a shame to spoil it by going back to work, how about coming back to mine for a few more drinks?" I thought, why not, this is turning out to be a really good thing. When we arrived, she opened a bottle of wine and said. "Make yourself comfortable, relax and have a drink. I'll change into something more comfortable and then..who knows,then dimmed the lights as she left the room." My imagination was in top gear and I was feeling pretty excited when she came back into the room..pushing a trolley with a big birthday cake with forty glowing candles, followed by my wife and kids, singing 'happy Birthday to you.'

I just sat there stunned..

On the settee..

Bollock Naked..

With a hard on.
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