Some basic standards within the Forum

In reference to the very small minority in the RLC forum that are through the internet unfortunately giving the appearance of speaking for a large majority to nearly anyone with internet access on the planet:

My point is I think a line has been crossed even within the realms of Arrse are you not thredders with the very personal nature on some posts on this forum? You only have to look at other capbadge forums and than have it confirmed by flicking back and reading the RLC main topic page. Depression and slander. Some my friends from other arms and services, family and friends simply cannot believe it. A couple of individuals tapping on here need gripping. I can understand how and why most stuff gets posted and I am in no way advocating lock down but I take exception to the personal and derogatory remarks made without any discretion at all.

If it hadn't escaped anyones notice we are in the middle of a major media/ recruiting campaign in the RLC. Having a wry snipe at Forces issues, celebs, MPs and other such individuals who accept open scrutiny as part of the course is one thing; publicly humiliating blokes in your own Corps through the veil of internet anon undermines us completely. This isn't what Arrse was ramped up for and it's not the Naafi bar. Specifically, the Corps Adjt, Sandhurst instructors and Sch of Log comments were disgraceful. I cannot bear to think what the Ptes, YOs and OCdts who read this site will make of them. I only hope it encourages the individuals, virtually named, to prove they have charisma that matches the alledged 'perfect and awe inspiring' state possessed by the accusers. Alas, if only we knew their names so we could validate the process?

My plea for all our sakes is lets grip ourselves and square this issue away. Having trawled through the forum I am sure I am not alone in thinking that yes be controversial but not so blatantly personal. It's a topic that I hope will get some support. I have no doubt the minority pot noodling internet hard men that spend their lives on here creating the unsavoury and unprofessional RLC air of which I speak will be rubbing their palms with a reply for me about this being the only way to expose these collosal gaps in our Corps ability if it needed exposing at all.

I'm not a MOD but I am hacked off with some of this crap that is sticking to us all in the Corps through the very personal remarks made in this forum.

Two members of our Corps were awarded a GC and an MC in the last few days. To date the thread commending this cracking news has had 5 comments. But yet again and of much much more vital importance The Sun was supplied with yet more crap on our alledged inability to control soldiers which will, predictably, end where the majority of RLC topics end in the barren desert that is the 'morale in the RLC' exchange and for our soldiers yet more displays of their officers openly slating fellow officers professional capability. We adding no value in some cases and creating real damage in others.

I am sure you are with me that this should be about banter, humour, controversy, politics, debate and dits; you only have to look around the remainder of the site to see that. It is not, I would suggest, an excuse to remove yourself from your responsiblities to the Corps and the billy basic acceptable standards within for a day.

Apologies to the majority of the top blokes on here but this small issue has really got on my tits. Comments...........

'We Complain'
I'm not RLC. I read many forum in addition to this one. They seem to break down into two distinct types; calm, considerd and disciplined with very well stated rules that are monitored and enforced. They are also quite dull. A low percentage of members actually post and traffic is low. Others are lively and amusing with a large amount of leeway from Mods. There are frequent postings, new threads are evolving and an amazing spread of knowledge.
One needs to enforce ones own discipline. I see things here that I automatically roll over without following. Some things are very much out of order (I think of the "joke that never was" re Huntley and Holly) and need to be killed off but otherwise, I feel that an open and free forum is the best. I can see no middle way or compromise.
I agree with Cakes, ARRSE is the British Army's UNOFFICIAL centre of military and civil current affairs, news, discussion, humour, jobs, photos and bullshit, ARRSE's banner. But where does it state that it promotes slanderous, libelous cheap shots at almost named individuals, without them having the opportunity to fight their corner.

99% of posts on ARRSE do not fall into the above, 90% of posts on the RLC forum do not fall into it either, however there is an ever increasing amount of posts that do. If you name an appointment of which there is only one in the Corps then you might aswell put their name, if you are one of the minority that do this then I feel that you should leave your name for us all to comment on you personally and professionally. I guarantee one thing, you will find out that you are not as popular as you think!!!!!
I'm with you on that Cake. This place is for asking questions you need a wider experience to answer, having banter and winding up and having a laugh with mates. The Army Net site is where the other stuff should go to keep it away from the public eye, and see if people can still post with their zap numbers showing!
As with anything on ARRSE, if you arent happy with a particular thread/post then please highlight it to the relevant moderator. If you don't get any joy then drop us a line at

Bear in mind that ARRSE gets many hundreds (thousands) of posts a day and this makes moderating it very difficult. The mods do a fantastic job but are very much part time volunteers. If you think a posts is out of order then please assist them by highlighting it.
I do get a number of PM's as does woopert.

Unless you directly quote a post your unhappy about I cannot take action.

I try to stay relatively neutral and let the forum run itself with the occaisional kick here and there.

Let the Mods know and we can take action.

Thank you.
OldRedCap said:
I can see no middle way or compromise.
Then, Old Red my friend, with respect you have misinterpreted/ misunderstood what I have written. The compromise, decent soldierly thing to do, is this:

Leave out the really not so brave damaging personal and career threatening remarks sent anonomously about specific individuals in the Corps who by this method might as well be named unless people are prepared to put their name block and ext no at the bottom so that person can ring them back and:

a. Arrange a meet and try a reach some level of understanding as to why you thought it was clever to publically, soldier to soldier openly slate them.

b. Elect for a vice-like grip around afformentioned weasels windpipe and conjur an apology without the flattening/ loss of the nasal air intake.

Old Redcap I finish by noting you are clearly an individual blessed with the good sense and expierience to know to ignore this cowardly sort of behaviour. My plea was to shield this sort of unprofessional rubbish from those less well rounded/ informed. I had a similiar stance with this issue a while back over the public beratement of a CO. The individual in question, Knights, had the bollocks to post an apology and adjust his comments. Fair play.

I reiterate that I am not perfect I have a particluar penchant for slagging lazy/ lying MPs. My position in the Army does not allow me to publically humiliate them in the fashion I often dream about hence the cyber rotten egg chucking machine that is ARRSE. However, I do think this particular area, ones own blokes being so damning is need of reform. It's a small point, its been made and I shall now drop it.

Leedstrogg cheers for the PM - I have the feeling we have worked together at some point, albleight a fair few years ago, as your level headed vehicle park mentality is refreshingly familiar/ in short supply. Did you have a unique way of asking for Offrs ID cards on the main gate in Bielefled? The plot thickens...
I agree in smoe regards with Cakewell. There's a lot of comment on here that I think goes beyond just the usual crowing about one thing or another.

Personally, I am quite laisez faire about content unless it actually identifies an individual by name or appointment. A fair bit of content is aimed at the AT community, which is a bit of a closed shop to those of us not familiar with the trade or the personalities. Quite a lot of the time I have deferred to Melcher's judgement on threads regarding the AT's such as Bad Kineton...

As with all things, you can't please all of the people all of the time. If I were to edit posts that I personally don't care for I start to wander beyond mere editorial control and into censorship. My view is that this forum should be open for all to air their views, and that relies on a degree of self-moderation. Some, frankly, are more capable of this than others. Again, the highest posting threads are ones that seem to knock rather than praise, I agree, only 5 posts about our GC winner. Is that really the best we can do? I even made it a "Sticky" because I feel it deserves to be there for all to see. I can't force people to be positive and contribute in the way other may like. I will normally interveine only when posts go too far off the spectrum of acceptibility to remain. On the whole this site exists to provide a voice, and I see it as the role of the moderator to facilitate that even when I don't like or agree with what is being said.

I hope people read, and digest, the comments here and take them on board and thik before hitting "Submit" about whether their contribution is adding anything to the discussion.
CakewellTart said:
My plea was to shield this sort of unprofessional rubbish from those less well rounded
Surely the Corps Adjutant should be 'well rounded'??

Don't get me wrong Cakewell, I understand what your gripe is...... but this is only gossip that one would hear in a gathering of Officers off the net. It's not as if someone has slandered the Corps Adjutant - they've only said that their personality needed some bolstering.

If you accept the job as Corps Adjutant, then by doing so, you put your head above the parapet. 'Fame' goes with the job! If you're not robust enough to take criticism - be a normal Adjt.
You misinterpret my point. It wasn't the Corps Adjutant not possessing a robust charachter but the 17 year old Pte soldiers yet to make his mind up on a few of the basics.

As for this being gossip heard off the net amongst officers that may be so but during your time in the Army would you seriously repeat some of this amongst the blokes? It is the lack of delination between these subtle differences for which I launched the topic. I challenge a Capt to sit a Pte down if front of a computer, show him some (again a minority) of the personal slander and have his/ her first words not be entirely dissimilar to 'You can say that' whilst you fold your arms, stand back and chuckle 'I can' and that spout the same bo**ocks about it being what he deserves for being in a certain position. It is behaviour akin to the chavs who gob off, spit and swear at footballers from the terraces under the impression that their purchase of a football ticket gave them an excuse to escape from the human race for 90 minutes.

As for being robust whilst in contact with faceless criticism I accepted, for example, your not so recent comment regarding the technical competency and allegations of rife bullying against the Commando Squadron with a pinch of salt. I chose to ignore it as did a great many others because we were all unsure of when you served there again and therefore where you had gained your first hand knowledge from.
Comment by CT
OldRedCap wrote:
I can see no middle way or compromise.

Then, Old Red my friend, with respect you have misinterpreted/ misunderstood what I have written.

My meaning was middle way between an open site with the flak and rubbish or a tightly controlled site. Sorta like not being a little bit pregnant situation. One thing or the other.

Am in total agreement with your initial post. However, unfortunately I feel that you are wasting your breath. The fact of the matter is that with the cloak of anonymity that the internet provides, there is always going to be the opportunity for people to overstep the mark, either purposefully or unwittingly. Those that do so on purpose will therefore not care less about your rant. Those that do so unwittingly are too stupid to understand your point.

Anyway, I thought that you were signing off from this forum because you did 'not want to be associated with such unprofessional shoite'.
I take it that you were not directly referring to our fine Corps?

Again read my previous posts and I can assure you I am very proud of my Corps, the reason I joined the forum, not so long ago, was I was shocked at some of the stuff I saw.

Sorry if you were confused mate and I reiterate that my comment was purely reserved for the tone of the the topic and one line in particular which I deem to be 'unprofessional sh@te' not our illustrious Corps. Apologies for any confusion caused. Still doesn't explain why I haven't signed off from the forum though? Am I addicted to the anger or should I go out the gym and kick sh@t out of the punch bag? Retrieved my teddy from the corner, thumb removed from mouth and might ask Mummy if I can stay.

We Complain or We Sustain (deal or no deal)

If you sat a 17 year old Private down and asked his opinion on the Corps Adjutant - I am pretty sure you'd get a very blank look. I don't know any Private soldiers who would give two shites about who or what the Corps Adjutant was or did. As a young Private, I rarely saw my CO let alone the Corps Adjutant.

This is Arrse, not the Sustainer. Your holier than thou attitude is getting really boring. Please take your own advice, step away from your high horse and stop posting here if it offends you that much. Or you could always apply for a Moderators job....... but please, not the RLC forum, you'd kill it stone dead within a week.

Your computer has an off button - use it, for everyone's sanity.
I may have missed something, but I did not think there had been anything derogatory said about the forth coming Corps Adjutant save that he is not exactly Dereck Zoolander. I think that most posters cannot contain their enthusiasm that a prolific, charismatic and interesting individual should have such a key appointment and I for one think this signals a period of enhanced direction and unity for the RLC Officer Corps. As for mentioning him as an individual I cannot see what the problem is when it is positive and indeed there has been a great deal of discussion, for a very long time, concerning the edicts of the Corps RSM and no-one seemed that bothered.

With regard to the Corps GC and MC I for one am very proud, its just I couldn’t find the words to articulate this in the GC sticky thread without sounding a bit lame. The nation and sovereign have recognised their bravery I just didn’t think I could add anything to that through the RLC forum on ARRSE!

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