Some assistance required.... please :)

OK, this is where a whole load of peeps get to extract the urine big style. I'll explain...

A chum of mine asked me if I had an interest in helping the young scallywags of today. He mentioned that I would get the chance to annoy them with stories that start "When I was...."

Inadequate fellow that I am, I leapt at the chance to show off to children, said "Yes" and it appeared that I had just taken the the first steps towards being an (Oh god, I can't believe I'm using the word "Adult"about meself) Adult in the ACF.

Borne on a wave of nostalgia, I dug some of me old gear out the garage, bungees, racing spoon, me old "Survival Aids" teflon 58 mug, puttee's, Sten Gun, "1985 Jim Davidson BAOR Tour" tshirt, BFBS Round Tuit, a roll of 4x2, a spirit level bubble from a SCAM12 mast, you know the sort of thing...

Anyway, I was browsing the www to find out about prices for little extras when I noticed that things have changed since they threw me out in '93. (Not my fault, I could have sworn that the Llama was of age... but would the monkeys listen??)

Right here's the questions...

I last wore those crappy combats that fell to bits every 5 seconds '85 pattern, If I recall.... I now notice that army surplus places offer a '94 AND a '95 pattern. Any thoughts as to which might be the better type and what's the differences??

Also, GPS. I CAN read a map and use a compass, However I reckon that a satellite is probs more accurate than me and I'm a big fan of gadgets that can make life a little easier. Any suggestions about these please..? A basic water proof item to deliver between 6 and 8 figures per grid reference would be what I seek...

And last but not least... berets, who's regarded as a good manufacturer or are the issue ones bettter than they used to be nowadays?

All suggestions gladly received... Yesss, even the silly ones :?
you sound like youve eaten a whole box of proplus and drunk a few gallons of coffee!
No matey, I've always been like that... the Doc says the ointment should help to ease the chafing but I reckon he just says that to calm me down....

Doesn't matter what style you go for (even KF, wooly pully, lightweights etc.) so long as it's got bits of thread hanging out where the parachute badge has been picked off. Better still, dye everything black and turn up in a respirator.
Oh God yeah, that goes without saying... and of course making dark allusions to "Special Jobs" and "Interesting Work" lol...

Seriously though. I realise that eventually you get issued whatever they're going to dish out to me but serious question 94 or 95..? and what's the difference if any?

And the GPS thing. I understand the principle of how they operate, I'm just looking for thoughts from peeps who may have purchased and used them.

As for wearing black and using interesting restraint methods, I can do that at work :) So I'll probs leave the fluffy cuffs at home... mebbe

Should I place an advert in SoF as well...? or maybe in "The Hounslow Pigeon Fancier's Gazette" y'know for that authentic Harry Palmer/Callan feel..?
With regard to GPS, I'd tend to suggest cheap and simple - Garmin eTrex, for example. Trouble is, the cadets will probably have something much fancier, 4 times the price and with lots of extra features. Why not just impress them with old-fashioned map-reading skills?
"...even KF, wooly pully, lightweights etc..."

Wooly pully & TML fine but KF shirt...? I think not Sir! Piece of plop except for civvie camping, great for that.

But the joy of feeling my neck being abraded by the collar of those £%^$£%^ things still haunts me. What amazed me even more was when you got close enough to a mirror and examined the affected area...

I could never see any visible signs of injury although I was always convinced that there should be something along the lines of carpet burns on the back of yer neck...

I think it was the way that a KF shirt could absorb cam cream and sweat and the contents of the pustules on the back of my spotty young neck and turn them into an abrasive paste with an agonising but invisible effect...

I hated the fornicating things...
Yorks Volunteer,

whilst farting about with my rant re: KF shirts you've made a good point. I'll buy one and try to recall how to do the other :)

Cheers Mate!
I liked KFs, unfortunately I was never issued with one that reached within 6" of my wrists. I know they existed - lots of them in surplus shops, but you couldn't get them ISSUED!
Y'know owd Lad,

2 things tell me, wrong, 3 things tell me that you're peculiar...

1. You're posting at this time of the mornning

2. You like KF shirts....

3. Your arms are too long for KF shirts...


Kit Reviewer
Alright mate, hows it going?

The main difference between 94 and 95's is that of material. 94s were partially lined, making for very toasty soldiers indeed. They could shake off most showers and as an added advantage stinging nettles were defeated by it's thickness! You can recognise the jacket by its shoulder epaulettes and two zippy up front pockets and the trousers by its small hip pocket buttons. They also don't have a ridiculously silly pen pocket on the front right trouser leg.

95 - the jacket is made out of cotton/gaberdine mix (apparently) and is ripstop. These have a fron rank slide and have green tape buttons. The trousers are very lightweight and a bit naff unless it's summer or you have a pair of (proper) thermal underwear!
Speedkuff said:
Y'know owd Lad,

2 things tell me, wrong, 3 things tell me that you're peculiar...

1. You're posting at this time of the mornning

2. You like KF shirts....

3. Your arms are too long for KF shirts...

...............and he's not alone!

I liked KF shirts too, and yes the sleeves were too short!
I thank ye one and all for the knowledge that you've imparted... I'll probs get mesen a small cheapy gps to back me brains up most likely to be a Garmin.

After all I bloody hated spherical trigonometry and most of the the bollocks in Mary Blewitt's Celestial Naviagtion for Yachtsmen"

I can do sight reduction etc but I prefer a widget that'll do the bugger for me. I vaguely recall judging the height of objects by use of a scout staff.... Oooooh yeah, that's anorakish! I'll save that for another day...

And I haven't made my mind up yet as to which optional combats I'll be "Nudging the Q for/Purchasing in my own time like the sad muppet I am"

Cheers chaps/esses

(Exits stage right carrying a small flask and a notebook filled with obscure notes in an illegible hand... mutters and plots revenge.... against... "THEM" - Uses Quotes/Notes/Commas inappropriately)... see note 3 at appendix iiB(a)May be found perusing Surplus Catalogues and using Reed's Natuical Almanac to ascertain the weights of arcane objects... Uses words like "Arcane"... Skips medication... See Hansard) No sense of Humour. May be be frangible in temps. below 30 Kelvin... adds suffix "..." when in doubt... Continues with with Footnotes(Paget-Flashman Collection "Memories of Service in NordRhein-Westphalen)
And so to bed.... for Handling instructions, see above. Disregard for Tropical Waters. :)

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