Some alternative birds and widlife

because I know how your mind thinks :rolleyes:

I do a bit of wildlife photography and especially birds if I can find them.

kingfisher I spent 3 years trying to track this one down





Stunning pics of the kingfisher, raptors, caterpillars etal and its just grand to see Gunbrickies snaps from last year. I have started to take my camera with me on my visits to Kinghorn beach with my new cocker pup who is, at the grand old age of 6 months, a fukcin nightmare to all animals on the beach and water as she has just started to swim. I have loads of snaps of her being an ******** to all and sundry but there are a few that I will try to upload to the site. Watch this space. Congrats to all you chaps and chapess's to your wonderful pics, Keep up the good work and I look forward to viewing many, many more.
Gun Brickie good effort getting them eating out of your hand I have tried but they seem nervous around here probably to many cats.

Sometimes I've had the Chickadees come and perch in my hand even without any seed. But sometimes they get a little shy, so feed them
like this.

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