some advise needed please

my son wants to be a doctor when he leaves school and then become a medic in the forces how old would he have to be before he would be allowed to join the army as he has got uni for 4 years and also what training would he have to do in the army.
Age is not an issue as he will be in his early 20's when he leaves. He can join after he leaves med school. Suggest to him that he try and get a sponsorship (think they are still around - correct me if I'm wrong, anyone with better info) which may get him a "wage" for his last two years of uni on the basis of a minimum number of years service.

Training for him would be the "vicars and tarts" course at Sandhurst, This short course effectively gives him an introduction to the way the rest of the military works. Its short as he would bring his own skills and the Army would want him out and working sharpish.

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