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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by greenandmean, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. hi im new to this so please be understanding

    I am currently a kitchen porter but i have a real passion for cooking so i would like to be an army chef.

    The problem is i want to combine this with doin a bit of action stuff. I really wanna be a sniper an prob go into the sas one day but im not sure if i can do all of this. would i have to pick and choose?

    can anyone help please an tell my how to apply to go in the army an what to say to the people in charge of everybody.

  2. are you a retard ?

    You fat/useless/motherfcker/bastetd/Cnut/dcik head !! Fuck off
  3. no i dont think i am a retard but i think i need some direction in life and that the army can help me develop my skills and i could bring my creativity to the army kitchens all around the world

  4. A passion for cooking and sniping, and a desire to join the SAS?

    You could be jumping into enemy territory, and whipping up a quick soufflé, then make an improvised claymore mine out of the dirty dishes, before melting into the undergrowth leaving no trace of your presence.

    Perhaps you should consider a career as a Parachef?
  5. have you been watching under siege?
  6. well yes i did think of that, but i think it would have to be one or the other wouldnt it.

    I suppose time will tell what i do, the only thing im worried about is injury really. I dunno how i could cope if cut myself or chipped a tooth-- i already have delicate teeth
  7. cut down on giving blow jobs , might help
  8. i am fairly fit tho, i have to stand up and slave away washing pots for up to a maximum of 12 hours so i have good leg strength and my arms are quite robust from lifting the commercial pans we use at my work
  9. How many threads are you going to start?
  10. I hear a distant Siren...Wahh wahh wahh wahhh
  11. i was also wondering does anyone kno if i would have to cook french food in the french foreign legion or not, its just that french food is my speciality and maybe i would be better off there????
  12. serious LOL, this has gotta be a wind up
  13. If you're going to make a good wind-up it has to at least be subtle.
  14. lol ok fair one fellas u pinged me, but some of u gotta admit some of u were biting over this!!!!

    made my stag a bit more interesting anyway!!!!!! (sad cnut i kno but devil makes work for idle thumbs!!)

    loved the parachef 1 btw !!!!