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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Calder2k8, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. I stumbled across these forums whilst searching the all knowing Google for a solution to my problem. I'm not sure if i am supposed to be a current member of the Army to post here but i was in the TA for nearly two years. If i am not suppose to then i apologise in advance.

    I want to rejoin at my local Intelligence unit in Newport, South Wales. The problem i am facing is that you need three GCSE's to join which i don't currently have. I have the equivilant of two A levels at C grade and i have just finished my first year in Glamorgan university studying Law. I have spoken to someone there and was informed that they would apply for an academic waiver, problem being this was a few weeks ago and i am assuming that if they had heard anything, they would have contacted me.

    My question/concern is given my above situation, is it likely that i would get accepted to join?

    Also, if they did allow me to have an academic waiver, would my situation allow me to apply to be an Officer?

    I would appreciate any input that is given and i apologise again if this is the wrong forums to post in.
  2. I'm afraid I can't advise you on you're situation. I can, however, reassure you that there is no requirement to be a serving soldier to Post on ARRSE.

    The vast majority of ARRSErs are either serving or ex-Army. But we also have Matelots, Crabs and Booties as well as Coppers and a few civvies.

    The other forum you might want to consider posting in is the Int Corp.

    Best of luck. :)
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Phone them up and arrange to visit them on their drill night.


    Educational Standards 4.014.

    With effect from 1 Apr 07, the indicative educational entry standard for TA officers is:
    a. The Direct Entry Officers. All Direct Entrants for the AOSB (TA) Board will require:
    (1) A minimum of 35 ‘ A ’ Level Information System (ALIS) points from their best 7 subjects at GCSE (or equivalent as listed at Annex D/4). Candidates must have English Language and Mathematics and either a foreign language or science, all at a minimum of Grade C.

    (2) A minimum of 180 University & Colleges Admissions System (UCAS) Tariff Points, which must include at least 2 x A2 qualifications at grade E (or equivalent) or better.

    b. Soldier Entrants. All Soldier Entrants are required to have 5 x GCSEs (or equivalent) at grade C or above, including English language, maths and either a science of foreign language.

    c. University Graduates. Potential officers who already hold a degree from a British University are normally deemed to have satisfied the educational entry standards for a TA Officer, as long as they meet the ALIS requirement. However, AOSB (TA) has the authority to reject less able candidates who, whilst holding a degree, fall significantly below the UCAS tariff.

    d. Additional Qualifications. Certain arms require additional qualifications to those listed above. These are detailed at Annex A/4. These may only be waived in special circumstances. Waivers are to be sought from the Arms and Service Directors before a candidate is presented to the AOSB (TA).

    e. The provisions of sub-paras a-d are not to apply to candidates for appointments in the quartermaster category or to warrant officers for appointments to combatant commissions, except where specifically stated.
  4. What did you do instead?? Anyway this site explains how some quals relate to each other

    Your 2 A levels equals 8 GCSE's (grades C-A) at a higher level (level 3, GCSE being level 2).
  5. I completed a one year foundation course at Newport University. This course allowed me to gain enough UCAS points to attend Law at Glamorgan.

    I spoke to the PSO in Bristol yesterday and i have to wait till they are back down in Newport to get an interview. After this it goes to a technical board? Where they will then decide whether or not i am suitable.
  6. is that possible?