Some Advice Surrounding Future Prospects of Army Employment


I am currently studying Biology at university. I had aspirations to join the RAAC following graduation as an officer.

Through what was at the time perceived as a simple act, I have accrued a criminal record for theft in breach of trust. It is something I am deeply ashamed of, and an act that I don't think I will ever personally reconcile with. However I sincerely hope that it won't impact my future as much as I fear it will.

I was dealt with by way of a 12 month suspended sentence and 150 hours of community service. I also had to make financial reparations.

Obviously, this conviction is not considered spent for 10 years, which would put me at 29 by the time I can put it behind me.It is not in my usual character, and I have no doubt I will remain the correct side of the law for the remainder of my years.

I have researched as much as humanly possible short of going to an AFCO, including talking to the staff behind the online Army chat, however I am none the wiser. It is my hope that there is someone a bit more in the know, or even plain speculation that can perhaps aid me in changing my plans for the future. Would this particular type of offence automatically bar me from entry to the armed forces? I know that I can forget the hope of joining as an officer, but as the army was my only hope for a career in life - I'd join at any level under any branch as long as I had the privilege of serving.

Whilst I have a feeling most of what you will say is what I have already read - I am just curious to see if anyone has any opinions or specific knowledge surrounding similar cases to mine.

In summary, I suppose the questions I would seek an answer to are:
Does theft in breach of trust automatically bar me from entry,
Does the AFCO take into account the circumstances surrounding the offence, or just at face value and details of sentencingDoes personal character affect the likelihood of an acceptance/rejection with convictions,
Is there anything I can do to aid my chances of being able to join.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, and for any replies you can give.
I would say you are COMPLETELY scuppered. FFS you say you want to join as an officer. You'd be f'cked if you wanted to join as a soldier!

Its not as if we are expanding and need to relax our entry criteria either.

Given the nature of your offence, I recommend a career as either a lawyer or a politician. Or, if you really must play with guns, try organised crime.


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Have you thought of the French Foreign Legion?
Prior to my criminality I had hopes to join as an officer. Obviously now that is not a possibility - I was just curious as to whether there's any hope of entry as a soldier.

I saw in the stickied thread that drug crimes are automatically barred, I didn't know if they had say a set list of auto-barred offences. I've also heard references to different types of forms such as 203, which I can't seem to find info on.
It has made it's way onto the career table. Whilst I don't necessarily align with France's political and military agenda, I figure if I serve with them until my conviction is spent I at least have something extra to bring to RA.
I believe even the French are fussy these days.

As a general rule, in tight-knit communities such as the military, the one unforgiveable crime is yours.
I found a gift card with money on it at work. I waited a while to see if anyone would claim it, but when they didn't I used it for my self and a friend.

If I wasn't employed by the company, it would have been theft by finding and I would have got away with a slapped wrist.
I never found out who it belonged to, though some of my co-workers said it was rumoured to be a fake. I think my employer initially thought I was making fake gift cards and investigated it all.

As to how they found out, apparently they reviewed CCTV footage extensively which saw me picking up the card.
I'm not a lawyer but a years suspended sentence and 150 hours community service for using eg a £50 HMV card you found on the floor seems harsh. The charge and penalty imply something much more serious, eg stealing off a little old lady you were meant to be looking after. You sure you're telling us the full story?

Regardless, the best advice remains to get yourself to an ACIO and ask a recruiter. They will be able to give you facts rather than opinions and conjecture.
How on earth did you get charged for that? How did they prove it wasn't your card, if no one lay claim to it? Did you try and spend it? You should have zipped it and got a lawyer at the time.
The value was significantly higher from a multinational electricals store - £3k. The entry point for such an offence starts at custody. I only managed to avoid it due to the somewhat legally gray nature of the offence. I think I was given near on the lowest sort of punishment the judge could have dished out.

Unfortunately, the branch of sentencing does also cover - as you say - stuff like theft from the vulnerable and elderly. I don't know how stuff like criminal disclosure forms work but I just hope they distinguish enough for anyone to know I didn't con a pensioner out of their money.
Sorry, the RAAC? Typo for RAC, mistaken belief that the AAC are a Royal Corps or taking your conviction to the Antipodes? You mention RA in your 1326 post?

While sundance has the best advice, the rules are that certain positions require a clean conviction sheet (eg RMP) and certain convictions are a bar to higher vetting so careers in the Signals or the Int Corps may not be achievable. For other roles, the mileage varies.

However, the Army is currently both over-subscribed and reducing in size so they can currently afford to be more picky with who they allow in.

Edited to add: Theft conviction for £3k? Don't think you have much of a chance but don't take my word on it.


Through what was at the time perceived as a simple act, I have accrued a criminal record for theft in breach of trust. It is something I am deeply ashamed of, and an act that I don't think I will ever personally reconcile with. However I sincerely hope that it won't impact my future as much as I fear it will.
Aye here's some advice. Don't go to the army!
It's small enough, don't need the few that get in to be scummy thieving Cnuts. Especially not scummy thieving Cnuts in charge of 30 men!

Bet I saw you on the tv yesterday carrying the 50" tv outta currys? Grotty Cnut.
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