Some advice please.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Craigw81, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. Hi can anyone tell me if the engineer driver job is worth doing? I really would like to join the royal engineers but this is the only job i can do because i done crap in maths 8 years ago. Thanks
    Royal Engineers
    Regular & Territorial

    Responsible for the operation and maintenance of a wide variety of specialist vehicles in support of the Royal Engineers and other services
    The Job
    As a Military Engineer Driver, you may drive and operate a whole range of vehicles from Land Rovers to specialist bridge layers, cranes and transport vehicle and trailers. You will be supporting other Military Engineers and the Services in general, using your Large Goods Vehicle Licence to drive Tank Bridge Transporters, Automotive Bridge Launch Equipment, Bridging Cranes and fuel vehicles. Trained as a soldier and combat engineer, your skills will enable you to support all three Services and even fight as an Infantry soldier when required.

    The Right Job For Me?
    Engineers in the Driver role must have good practical skills, with some technical and mathematical aptitude. The combat part of the job means you should be ready to play a part in supporting the Services under unpredictable conditions in some of the most challenging environments around the world. This essential role has great potential for job satisfaction and opportunities to learn new skills.

    What Skills Will I Learn?
    Combat Engineer training will teach you how to use hand and power tools, basic construction techniques and how to use and service military engineering equipment.
    Learning to qualify as a Driver Licence Group C+E (Large Goods Vehicles).
    Driving on roads or across open country, singly or in convoy, with minimum lighting if operational conditions demand it.
    How to take responsibility for the daily maintenance, roadworthiness and servicing of the vehicles that you are driving.
    Learning the mechanical principles to diagnose faults and carry out simple repairs.

    What Training Will I Do?
    Initial training
    For Royal Engineers, Phase 1 training normally takes place at Army Training Regiment Lichfield, Staffordshire. During the 14-week course you will learn military skills such as foot drill, how to handle and fire a weapon, how to live and work in the open, and how to tackle an assault course, as well as developing your stamina and fitness. You will be stretched further than you thought possible, and toughen up both physically and mentally. Having successfully mastered these basic military skills, you will take your place in the Passing Out parade in front of an invited audience of parents, relatives and friends.

    Further training
    After completing your basic training, you will go on to be trained as a Military Engineer (Combat) at the Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME) in Minley, Surrey. Here you will learn how to lay and clear mines, place demolition charges, construct bridges, and cross water obstacles. You will also be taught about road and airfield construction, camp construction and water supply. After nine weeks, you will start your Category B driver training at RSME Minley. Then at the Defence School of Transport (DST), Leconfield, North Yorkshire, you will qualify for a Driver (Large Goods Vehicle) Licence Category C+E and also gain an ADR Training Certificate for Drivers of Vehicles carrying Dangerous Goods (HAZMAT). Your training will include:

    Driving skills
    Qualifying to drive LGVs in all types of situations, including operational conditions, off-road and without headlights at night.

    Theory and practice of mechanics
    The knowledge to maintain vehicles and carry out basic repairs under challenging conditions in extreme environments.

    Carriage of Dangerous Goods
    You will be trained to load, restrain and complete documentation for the carriage of dangerous goods.

    What Qualifications Could I Get?
    Completing Phase 2 Training qualifies you as a Military Engineer (Combat) Class 3 and a Military Engineer (Driver) Class 3. Level 2 NVQ Driving Goods Vehicles or Level 2 NVQ Carry and Deliver Goods may be offered at the Defence School of Transport by the DEFLOG VQ Trust.

    Future Prospects
    Following assessment by your Commanding Officer, you upgrade to a Class 2 Driver after 6-12 months. Upgrading to a Class 1 Driver with a higher salary takes place on a course at DST Leconfield, after which you may train to Class 2 level as: Military Engineer Driver Specialist (Crane), Military Engineer Driver Specialist (Automotive Bridge Launching Equipment) (ABLE), Military Engineer Driver Specialist (Plant Transporter) or Military Engineer Driver Specialist (Tank Bridge Transporter). The next stage is to upgrade to Class 1 Driver Specialist after six months' satisfactory performance. Providing you build on your extensive training, you should be able to reach Lance Corporal after about three years. Your skills are ideally suited to civilian roles and the leadership and communication skills that you learn are recognised by civilian organisations - current qualification details can be found at

    Get yourself down the careers office quick smart.
  3. Did you do crap in English too?
    That will be the Royal Engineers to you sir.
  4. its an ok job , it pays the same as other trades you get more qualls from it and you touch your trade every day
    as for your exam results you can allways retake them when your in and retrade if you dont like being a driver .
  5. Ok Royal Engineers i am sorry. Actually got a c in english but this was 8 years ago i have been a greenkeeper for 8 years and i am really bored of it. Went on that look at life yesterday and got 7.55 on my 1.5 mile. Any more advice?
  6. lm an MT bod and it's ok -

    gone are the days of fat and lazy in MT, l cant speak for all the MT troops out there but we have a good way about our business, and get all over the place!

    Think Operational tours, your out and about whilst others are confined doing god knows what..

    Good example being we deployed to Kenya on EX OAKAPPLE in 1998, most were on the sites but MT were going Nairobi / Mombassa most days, so we got out and saw everything that others didnt

    Obviously, as time goes bye and you move up the ladder, you end up runnning and office but the oppurtunities are pretty good

    But... my advice too you... especially in the current spectrum..

    if l had my time again ld go armoured, T2 and all that coming in...
  7. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Good time. You obviously stay fit

    Advice: Join.
  8. Good run time. Why not try an RE Insight course to see if it's really for you.
  9. Really? Don't want to appear rude but T2 DOES NOT WORK! It cannot lay No.10 therefore we are currently restricted to the No.12 Br now.

    Trojan, though faster than AVRE (by all accounts) has serious flaws in it's protection (tin foil armour on one side) among other problems.

    Terrier is unlikely to be in service for at least 3 years and according to the trials team guys, is simply a BAE money spinner NOT a viable CET replacement,

    Rant over.
  10. Ok thanks for the advice it is much appreciated.
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator


    Check out the links for an Insight Course in the RE Info thread in the Sticky section at the top of the page.

  12. you can get all your driving licences through the system without becoming a driver.

    if you can get a trade with more use outwith the army think about doing that, electrician, plumber, fridge mech, etc................

    if dvr is all that is available to you then take it & crack on.

    good luck.
  13. Enlighten me to the more quals you get from being a driver as oppose to say a Fitter?
  14. Driver is good all round from what I've seen, but as previously said you can get your licences without choosing driver trade. On OPs their is very limited road moves, mainly helicopter, so what the MT have been doing here in Afghanistan is deploying as Combat Engineers, with the fullscrews operating FL12's when needed.

    However, you can be a Driver in nearly all corps, but RE is the best for veriety in the job role.
  15. ..........where you a greenkeeper for a golf club ? If so did you play golf ? If so what handicap ? If you answer all these and play off 10 (ish) you wont need your green kit.........just top of the range golf kit!

    If you answer no to any of the above...........go for driver if you want or if you want something that you dont have the education for go back to the books and get the qualifications for what you need....

    Whatever way you go.....GOOD LUCK.....this is a great Corps!