Some advice please.

hi. Can anyone tell me if the engineer driver job is worth doing? I really want to join the royal engineers but because i messed up in maths at school 8 years ago the carrers office has only offered me driver or c3 sytems operator.
its got nothing to do with the careers office have only offered you C3 Systems. The MAQ is stipulated by RE. If you dont meet the grade then the system will not allow you to join in that trade. There will be other jobs available. RE Driver and RE C3 Systems. there is a huge differance between the 2 jobs.
Ok thanks for the advice guys. I am 26 now, have been a greenkeeper for 8 years and am really bored of it. Really want to join the army but not sure what job to go for. Fitness aint a problem my lasy 1.5 mile run was 7.55
desktop are talking Bollox. You still need to meet the MAQ and GTI criteria to transfer. You can not just move from Arm or Service willy nilly
I;ve got no idea about RE trades but that's an excellent 1.5 time by the way.

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