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I've passed selection and have my entry date (october). Literally had it the day after I got back from selection, would have been on the train back but phone signal was on holiday or something. As you can imagine I'm thrilled.

More so because I used to weigh 19stone so to get where I am, its all finally paid off! Currently sat on just below 13 with about a stone left to go but with nearly 16 weeks thats no problem.

I'm joining as "RE C3S" or "Royal Engineers IT Communications Systems Operator" from what I gather from the site but they always told me it was called C3S, I guess thats because thats what it says on the jobs list they use. I originally went for Dog Handler and this role was sold to me.

I have a mortgage and a son so I need to work out a few things so if you could give me some advice/information I'd be grateful.

I can't find an up to date thread on Phase 1/2 pay so the first question is:

During Phase 1/2, how much is the take home after food and accommodation or more so, what are the costs taken out? So I can plan my finances correctly. I'm pretty sure even after deductions (200 or there abouts from what I have found?) I'm still going to be on more take home than my current job. The only extra factor will now be child care as the gf wants to still work.

Do the Army get any help with child care/costs other than what the government already provide, is that something that I'd be eligible for?

If for some reason I change my mind about the job role, will I be able to change it or that it now I'm locked into my choice?

As I'm on an October intake, my Phase1 is going through christmas, what usually happens do they send you home and how long for? I can't imagine the staff will be there over the christmas period.. or at least only a skeleton crew. Im not overly bothered even though my birthday is also xmas day and my sons is xmas eve, just curious as to the logistics.

I'm a little worried after reading peoples opinions on the job and with how quickly I got an entry date it makes me wonder if theres little call for people joining as this because its rubbish? I've certainly found more threads on it being bad as to it being good but its the same thing anything, more people pipe up when something is bad as opposed to it being good. Either way its better than being a shelf stacker monkey.

I really feel like I'd enjoy it though so I guess the most important question is what is unit life like in my job role?

Thanks :)
Most of this is already answered in various threads and the stickies you just need to start digging.

Phase 1 and 2 accommodation charges vary and depend on camp but the grades should be available on the army website. Food will be pay as you dine so knock yourself out on pot noodles if you want.

There will be a Christmas stand down normally 10 days over Christmas, dont make plans you could be on guard etc.

No you cannot change your job choice.

Search the Sappers forum for job info.

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