Some advice please

I joined the ta in 2003 and lasted about a year. And left and went back a year later after I sorted my life out. but soon after i left again reasons work this year I tried to join again but was told Glasgow said no and to come back in a years time. I know I've messed them about that I regret big time but my big worry now is that I've pissed on my chips on getting back in.has anyone else had this happen to them? I am hoping that I can join back next year I've even quit the fags and joining the gym.

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Is the raf different?
Yes they have much harder entry qualifications, the physical criteria is tougher (same with the recruit training) and in general they're much more ally than any army unit. Think of them as a stepping stone between the regular army and the RM/Para/SAS/SBS.
try airsoft. you still get to dress up in uniform and run around the woods with a gun at the weekends, but if you need to spend some time out, it doesn't really bother anybody and you can go back whenever.

There's even the added bonus that they will definitely not mobilise you... unless budget cuts become so severe that we can't afford ammunition anymore and need to scare the Taliban away with plastic pellets.

I think you and airsoft could really work.

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