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Discussion in 'Officers' started by tommy_jock_jingles, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. Yello!

    This post shouldn’t be taken as a whiner. I would like to turn to some of the more experienced members of the forum for advice. I am due for my Main Board this June after having flunked the earlier one. I was told on my report that I lacked presence and was rather distant on my Command Tasks. Unfortunately, for me— the report was inked in understatement and whoever drafted it must have been trying his/her best to make me feel better after my pathetically mong contributions to the Main Board. I was appalling at the Command Tasks; clumsy, oafish, mouth-agape, eyes screwed tight in intense concentration and with no valuable ideas whatsoever. I also couldn’t quite gel with my syndicate and going by the one of the chaps in my syndicate who has posted on Arrse; I appeared to be a snotty uptight chap with his head up his buttocks. I was also quite the flappable sort at the Plan-Ex and wilted under the DS’s gaze. The DS was a ledge but boy was he scary! In short the Board had every good reason to flunk me. And they were right.

    Right. Now I know that I'm not quite the chap that was there that day and can perform in a better fashion if I am myself, a tad bit confident and not a jittery bumbling butter-fingered fool. I have five months to get my act together. I would appreciate advice on how to better myself at Command Tasks, not be a mong at the Plan-Ex and how not to appear as a sad uptight shite to my syndicate.
  2. Get yourself involved with team sports (Rugby Union if possible) find some confidence and get involved with things that will drive it to the forefront.

    Best advice I can give is dont appear to be trying to hard to be something your not as that will shoot you in the foot.
  3. TJJ

    Check your PMs
  4. Bring a large recorder to MB. When posed a question by the DS play a short twirl on the recorder before saying "If ye asked me to cross a gorge with a rope, a half-barrel and two poles, I would say...yeees" whilst gurning like David Walliams.

    I believe you will certainly stand out from your syndicate. An alternative might be to enhance your convict kit with a flashing dog's collar, complete with red LED lights. If you feel the DS's attention for you is wavering bark repeatedly and loudly.

    Finally during the planning exercise sit silent for 95% of the time before standing up and shouting "Pathetic! Damn the Landcruiser, pick up the casualty and run, run like the wind!"

    Or gaze at the blank reverse side of the sketch map before crying and murmuring "Great God it's a barren featureless landscape Carruthers!"

    I recommend all of these tactics, they will show the DS that you are eccentric, maverick and ideally suited to a commission in the Queen's Own Homicidal Maniacs, "The Suicidal Slaughterers". They are always short of officers and indeed soldiers.
  5. Make sure you get on with your group. Our group contained a guy who was on his second attempt having failed the first time almost entirely for that reason. Seven of us got on really well with each other, this twat was the exception and so didn't get helped in the same way that everyone else did. Just make sure you go there very relaxed and prepared to have a luagh as getting on with the group could make a huge difference.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Your local Toastmasters club will help with presentation confidence.

  7. Jew_Unit is right. It is the most important thing to get on with your group. I know I messed up a few times and they helped me through it.

    Best advice I was given for MB was that if the 'ball' goes past you and hits the back of the net forget about it and get on with it. Basically if you think you have messed up forget it and carry on regardless.

    Remember to suggest that you and your group head down to the pub and not just the officers mess. You can relax, shoot the shit and generally get your group in order to bitch the tasks ahead.
  8. No it isn't. You are not entering a popularity contest. The most important things are a little more esoteric than 'making new pals really quickly'. You can't substitute a lack of presence with 'they liked him'.
  9. Don't be such a pvssy!

    Do things that require you not to be a pvussy.

    Rehearse not being a pvssy.

    Good luck.
  10. Just wondering, how exactly was he a twat?
  11. t_j_j, Couldn't help noticing your avatar ...... sure you've got the right army?
    I think, reading your self deprecating post, that you're half way there already - you pretty much know where you went wrong and have the humility to acknowledge it.

    Do you have time to attend some kind of Outward Bound course? That would boost your confidence and give any latent leadership skills an airing. Do you know any young officers? Hanging out with them would give you an idea of the easy confident style you should adopt.
    Read, get yourself superbly fit (that in itself breeds self confidence). Good luck!
  12. Unfortunately, your advice is probably a bit too late Busterdog - his board was this month!

  13. Hullo

    That was very perceptive there Busterdog. 1000 points for that. I am not British, so that should in part explain my avatar. Thank you for the input.

    My board got delayed Charlie Cong. It is in August.

    I did take all advice to heart. The most helpful was John_Mosby's. I have added brawn to the scrawn, grown my gonads prolifically and worked on non-twatty small talk. This time around I am going to get my potential to the kinetic.

    Thanks to the elders. Best of luck to all on the Main Board. Keep it cool and dont get unnerved. See you at Sandbags.
  14. You sir, are like most of the general officers I know. You have a future, son. You have a future.
  15. He was incredibly condescending in everything he said and in his manner. He insisted on telling us how to do all of the tasks (despite admitting being discouraged from returning to the AOSB) and wouldn't stop talking about his War Studies course and how awesome it was.

    He also kept telling people to shut up during his command task. One of the other guys did that as well, but it came across as friendly whereas the first guy just looked harsh.