Some advice needed!

I would really appreciate some help or advice.

I am originally from a commonwealth country, I have lived in the UK for 5 years and I just graduated with a Law degree.

I am seriously considering joining the army as an officer but I have the following problems.

1) I did not get a C grade in my maths G.C.S.E (or its equivalent in my home country)

2) I did not need to do A levels as it is not required in my country.

So basically, even though I have a degree (albeit a 2.2 degree), I might not be able to make the grade because I didn't get a C in maths in High school. Is this accurate or would the fact that I have completed university education be enough to get me started ?

Thanks in advance
Urgh why are you asking people on the internet about what could determine your career outcome, surely someone with your brain mass would just pick up the dog and bone?!

Edit - Call the ACIO for a sensible answer.
I suspect it will be a bit like passing your C+E (HGV 1) liccence and the job requires you to have at least a car licence!
I don't think you will have nay problems, but if they do get shirty you can always become a chunky :)
#4 and bone.

I lived in London, I never got the cockney rhyming thing. if I said man alone would that still mean phone ?

But you are probably right I should call the ACIO, I'll do that tomorrow.
Nah not the same thing, keep practicing though lol. Like he said, best bet ring the ACIO wich will prob tell you to come in for an induction. Go in watch a few DVD's have a quick chat with a recruiter, providing everythings OK and you want to carry on your application you will book a B.A.R.B test :)

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