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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by isotsha, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys…...and girls

    I need some info please. I know these questions have probably been asked to death already but I feel the need to ask! Lol
    I’m 36 year young male, South African and been living in the UK for the last 6 years. I have ‘’Indefinite leave to Remain’’ (ILR visa) and intend staying here.
    Ok my question is……. Can I join the TA at my age and with my current visa situation? And if I can will I be limited to the various roles due to my age.
    I called the recruiting office for the area and they were less than helpful! So hopefully there is someone here that can give me some info. Oh ja, I have one years national service behind me.

  2. I know that your age isn't a barrier mate, we've had blokes in the infantry in their 40s and very fit/healthy.

    Your nationality SHOULD be ok as you've been UK resident for 6 years, though that is the one thing you should ask when you (and here is the important bit) go down and visit your local unit.

    Sod calling offices, go down on a parade night and have a chat, they'll be more than happy to help you with any details you need clarifying. You won't need to make any commitment through just a visit, but it'll aid you significantly in making your choice.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks for the reply. How often do the have parade night.... (thats open to the public or interested parties). What are the commitments for TA staff…..weekly, monthly, mid-weeks? Also, if successful….how does orientation, training all work?
  4. Isn't South Africe putting in laws to prevent its citizens from joining other armies?? Being in the TA would class you as a mercenary
  5. Have a look here:


    Will tell you your local unit, link to their page and then contact details etc...
  6. As a soldier in the TA you are required to attend - realistically - as often as you can.

    This is a parade night each week (usually Tuesday) and there are weekends once or twice a month, but this varies a lot. There is a minimum commitment which people will be able to tell you, but there's no point in joining just to do a couple of nights a year and a 2 week camp.

    Training consists of your TAFS/1B training - for infantry this is includes 2x TAFFS weekends and 7 1B weekends. For other arms it's 2x TAFFS and 4 1B weekends - for both, they are held at Regional Training Centres scattered about the country.

    On completion of your 1B (phase 1) you will move on to your phase 2 - for infantry this is 2 weeks doing your Combat Infantryman's Course at ITC Catterick, for other arms you will do a 2 week course in your relevent field.

    Once you've successfully completed your 2 week course, you will be a 'trained' soldier. Don't take this to mean that you have no more to learn though, and your progressive training throughout your career will require dedication and commitment by attending as often as you can.

    You can be mobilised to go on active duty, though more about that will be explained when/if you join.
  7. Parade nights are either once a week or once a fortnight. They are on different days of the week depending on which unit you go to. The best thing to do is to find the contact detail of the unit you are interested in and give them a ring to organise a meeting.

    The commitments also vary depending on what type of unit you want to join, wether it be specialist or not. (I know i'm not providing answers, but i'm hoping to get across that the best people to ask will be at the unit.)

    Try looking at this website and re-post if you still have any questions after reading through it.

    TA Website

    If you need any help getting the contact details of your unit PM me.

    Hope this steers you in the right direction


    Edited to add - Just re-itterating what everyone else has said there!!
  8. No offence to anyone but I honestly dont care what the SA government thinks. I would like to do this because i believe it's the right thing to do, SA citizen or not. lol
  9. Thanks for all the speedy replies guys. I'll get in contact to arrange a meeting soon. Seems like the best way to get this done. As for commitment, I dont have a problem with that.
  10. Good answer! :D

    Best of luck. :wink:
  11. Anyone in a unit in Surrey or London area?