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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by the_watsonator, Jan 26, 2005.

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  1. Just a lazy student bored out of my head and needing a boot up my arse (not literally)!

    Wanting to join Army and have been offered to apply for officer job. My problem with this is, is there a kind of barrier between the soldiers and the officers?

    Or is this just another stupid stereotype thats gone out of control?

    I want to get on with the team and be on a same level rather than be an arse and let the rank go to my head like i imagine most people with more power are.

    Plus I am guessing it would piss NCOs off with some t**t like me coming up after 1 year with the same rank after they have had a lot more experience and hard work to get to what they are doing. Dont think i would be comfortable with that.

    Would I be better of applying for soldier position instead?
    Loads of respect and help me out lads and lasses!
  2. Is anyone else's WAH! light flashing?
  3. depends if your a pr1ck with your position? if not you will be ok.

  4. Ok i suggest you go to the library learn all you can about the Army then apply for the crabs . they maybe more suited to your needs
  5. Just get yourself on a Fam Visit, talk to the YOs about what it's like, but also make damn sure you get a chance to talk to the soldiers as well.
    That'll give you a pretty good indication of where you feel you "belong." Have you considered joining as a Tom, and then applying for a commission later on, if you feel that's where you want to go?
  6. Take the commission. They're in a different Army to the rest of us. Thier Army is happy. The rest of us are in Shitsville, Tennessee.
  7. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    You will have some difficulty 'being on the same level' whilst also being an officer. However you behave, when it comes down to it you aren't on the same level. That doesn't mean though that you act like you own the place and generally be a twat. If you join any organisation that has a 'fast track entry' or 'management trainee' scheme you will go through the same process. As a junior officer you are there to learn; if your blokes dont like you, dont worry - you'll soon find out.

    Bottom line. Just do it.
  8. Cheers, been reading some of the nice pamphlets from the careers office and watched the DVD.

    Be better joining up and trying to work me way up. Be more rewarding! :?

    Are there many chances of promotion through your career or can it take years to get a chance?

    Dont fancy crabs like :D But what i am trying to say is quite hard to explain - so if i can't explain it very well i'll be a shit officer!
  9. Cheers for the feedback.

    No matter how many books I read or horror stories I hear I won't know till I join up.

    I know it will p*ss a lot of you lot off, me being a student that just gets p*ssed and claims off the state and doesn't give anything back just bigger tax. Its annoying me.

    I might sound like an arse saying this but I have a hell of a lot of respect for all ppl in the army.

    Thats what has made me make this decision to join up. I'll just see how it goes if I can be an officer or a soldier couldn't give a shit least I am actually doing something thats means something!

    Thanks for your help

    Enough ar*e licking for now.
  10. Ppl ??? A new rank ??
  11. go for it, and good luck.
  12. Hello the_watsonator,
    Do you write for the uni newspaper?
    Beebs :lol:
  13. lol i am studying Accountancy isn't that sad enough?

    Why have you got some stories I can sell for you? 22nd regiment stuff?
  14. Why don't you spend your time learning how to write English then? "Paying bigger tax" don't you mean more tax? So which university are you at then? The Army Careers Officer maybe able to help you.

    PS Currently at WAHCON 2
  15. the_watsonator = Phil from Ultimate Farce

    Nice try sonny but no cigar.