some advice needed. thank you

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by uk7867, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. hi i have done selection but i have got a date for itc next month and also i have not still done my oath as yet.however the problem is that i can't swim i have been taking lessons and been going in pool regular,but still sink like a stone.and i want to go infantry.
    just wondering guys that i know in basic training they learn you but i think i still won't learn as i have already tried it. is there point in going and just keep getting backsquaded? also that will restict me on what fields i can go on when on operations as being a non swimmer. (which i got told i won't be a foot soldier like,if u know what i mean)
  3. I cant see a problem, my record has me down as a weak swimmer, I've been crap at it for as far back as I can remember, and I know of others who were in training with me that couldn't swim but were taught until they could at lest swim enough to scrape through the Mil. swim test. This was 1999, but I'm sure things haven't changed much in that respect.
  4. Well with according to my knowledge i believe that as long as you can tread water you should be ok , you will be given a swimming test during basic training , if you cant swim its not that much of a problem ( you will be given lessons) if your swimming is not up to scratch you will not be able to take part in the water activites in the latter stages of basic , for obvious reasons .
  5. Within the 1st week im sure you do a swimming test, jump in the pool making sure head is submerged, 3minuts of trading water then 2 lengths of the pool finishing by getting out unaided. Not sure if you need to pass it, can anyone clarify this?
  6. No you dont need to pass it , just helps .
  7. kinda helps when you fall off of bridges....otherwise cant see much problem unless you have an arse of an adventure training planner who thinks pot holing will be fun for ya!
  8. Cheers for that reminder of horror! I had to do pot holing as part of my AT, what a way to confirm you are claustraphobic.... :x
  9. Pot holing ??
  10. hey mate, I wouldnt worry too much

    when I was in basic for the infantry (RGJ) you do have to do basic swim tests, I can remember visiting the pool about 4/5 times during the 6 months. treading water, jumping in, and lengths are all part of it, and in clothing also. BUT out of our plattoon there was about 4 people who struggled or simply couldnt swim and the PTI gave them arm bands.

    they did still have to take part in the test's as a "best effort"

    im pretty confident that it has no serious affect on anything, just get the pis s taken out of you when your paddling around in arm bands :p although that was my plattoon and the training staff vary so I would still have a word with your recruiter do get the "official" word on swimming

    keep swimming in the mean time though . . its good training and your bound to improve if you stick to it

    good luck
  11. and incase your wondering that was in 2006 so I wouldnt have thought it would have changed ^^