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Some advice needed please !!

Hi everyone,
First post here so apologies if its in the wrong place and also if my spelling and punctuation is not up to scratch (I'm on my phone lol ).

Here's my problem .. I applied to join the raf six months ago and failed the interview stage due to the fact I said I took drugs when I was younger (about 5 years ago). Now I am applying for the royal engineers and am worried what to say if they ask me in my first interview about drugs , I don't know whether to lie and say I have never touched drugs ever or just be honest and admit I dabbled in the past , I dont smoke and rarely drink now and have stopped doing drugs for years only I only smoked weed anyway. I'm just worried they will cross check my previous application and cast me off, I am prepared to commit 100% and will do whatever it takes just need the chance lol

Sorry about the essay its just battering my head and I would be grateful if someone could give me some advice
Oh and come up with a witty login name for arrse. Cos pound to a pinch of shite, every single recruiter spends his/her spare time on this website wiling away the hours
No wind up buddy lol I'm a real person ha ha yeah might give me self a new name just in case someone clocks me on the interview . Do they look at your previous applications cross service ??

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