Some advice before starting basic

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Monkeyjizz, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. I'm starting basic at lichfield in a few weeks, so i'm trying to get myself prepared the best i can. just got a couple of questions if anyone can spare a sec.
    I got a pair of britsh army boots that i'm breaking in and practicing bulling, will i be allowed to wear them, and just out of interest, whats lichfield like?
  2. Lichfield is a veritable Garden of Eden. Its steak and bacon three times a day with as much free beer as you can handle. As for advice here are a few tips:

    1) Call your DS by there Christian names or mate this will establish a warm bond between you.
    2) Never be early that will just mark you out as a kiss arrse the Staff expect you to be a few minutes late.
    3) If you have any TA or cadet experience then bring it up at every opportunity people need to know about what a sweat you are.
    4) Break your boots in by filling them with common engine oil and leave them to soak for a few days then soak in salt water lastly coat them in brasso metal polish this will make the supple and ready to take a fine shine.
    Last of all good luck
  3. thanks for the advice, you've been most helpfull. Could you please answer a few more questions?

    Will i be able to fit my current regime of beating off ten times a day (14 on sundays)
    And will i, if i ask nicely, be allowed to wear lots of those charity barcelets cos i think they look swell
    And finally, do you find that you cant find a space to stand in the pub where everyone hasn't got their backs facing you, yes? well thats cos your a gimp my friend
  4. Tell me is monkeyjizz your name or part of your staple diet ?
  5. That the attitude to have. I forgot to mention gob off when possible you could sue after the other kick 7 shades of shite out of your spotty face.
  6. Buy some 5.56 rounds off ebay. When you get your hands on a weapon you can do a 'Chilwell'!
  7. greengrass i didnt realise you were so sensitive, please accept my apologies. I was just after a bit of advice from someone with a bit of experience, theres no need to chew my nuts off.
  8. Never ever apologise it weak and un manly
  9. touche!