Somalian Pirates? Blame Jack Sparrow!

Lordy! Even the Somalian Premier can't seperate fact from fiction and is blaming the upsurge on piracy at Capt Jack Sparrows feet!

This quote in todays press:

The threats came as Mrs Chandler's brother Stephen, 58, met Somali premier Omar Sharmarke in London yesterday in a bid to end "the bad dream". Mr Sharmarke said his government would do everything it could to "see a peaceful solution". And in a speech later he laid some of the blame at the feet of the Johnny Depp character in Hollywood blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean.

He said: "I suspect Captain Jack Sparrow has a great deal to answer for but in the 21st century piracy makes high drama on the high

I wonder what other fictional characters we could lay the blame at for some of the worlds troubles?

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