Somalian Pirate names

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shortfuse, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. Now, we all know Pirates have the bestest names in the world, like Cap'n flint, Blackbeard etc etc...

    but what constitutes a good Somalian pirate name?

    As discussed earlier, I don't think "conky afroed mohammed" really makes the grade so I'm open to suggestions on all things "schwarze piraten"

    in your own time..... go on.
  2. skinn eeyenb lack
  3. Long Schlong Silver

    Capt Blackskin
  4. OnmywaytoAllah Onfire (with thanks to the Indian Navy)?
  5. Tony Blair

    Gordon Brown

    They have robbed every cnut here, might as well start on the arabs.

    Two Brits on board, could be an inside job?
  6. Blackbeard. Well, someone had to. :roll:
  7. One Eyed Walid. He might have been Afgoonie rather than Somali though. Ok, ok, coat, taxi...
  8. Captain Black Sparrow?
  9. myak47
  10. If a US Navy ship was getting ready to open fire you could try introducing yourself (loudly) as: "Cousin Obama"
  11. Skinny Som Silver?

    Fcuk, say that three times fast after a couple.
  12. Arrrrchmed?
  13. "Hands een air please!!"

    "Do as told and nbady shats. My name ees Weenston Choorch-heel. My friend heer ees George Dubyaa Oshington"

    "Relax we watch feelm together.. Roots? What ees thees? Is good??"

    "No ashtrays on thees sheep? Ok put DVD in. We watch and all be firends".....
  14. what about so somalian sea shanties to get the feel of the whole thing, I'll start....

    "Oh we sail the seven seas, just a boat load of gollies with RPG's"
  15. "What should we do widda boat load of ragheads,
    What should we do widda boat load of ragheads,
    What should we do widda boat load of ragheaaaaaaads,
    Sink the muvvafookas"