Somalia militia want Islamic state/Islamic state ruled out

Mogadishu masters want Islamic state
The Islamic militia that captured Mogadishu has vowed to turn Somalia into a religious state after winning a three-month battle for the capital.
"Until we get the Islamic state, we will continue with the Islamic struggle in Somalia," Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, chairman of Mogadishu Islamic courts, told a rally of hundreds of people on Tuesday
Fuad Ahmed, a militiaman loyal to the Islamist side, said: "This is a long Islamic struggle and it will continue until the whole country comes under Sharia [Islamic] law.

Somali Islamic state 'ruled out'
Sharif Shaikh Ahmed is seen as a relative moderate
The Union of Islamic Courts does not want to impose a Taleban-style Islamic state in Somalia, says their leader.
Sharif Shaikh Ahmed told the BBC they had no political aims beyond enabling the people to decide their own future.
His militiamen have been seeking to shore up support after taking over the Somali capital from warlords on Monday.

same bloke, same day, two diff news services with two complete different takes on the same story.

is he just telling the western and mid eastern nations only what they want to hear??

if Somalia becomes under Sharia [Islamic] law, will it become a haven for the international fundamentalists (the al qaeda franchise) to base themselves.

and just how much longer must the average joe bloke in this country suffer before the west (thats as in UN cof cof) desides to move back in with a stabilization force, (if they ever do, and more to the point, should they??)
well last time the UN tried it was a disaster mainly because the UN is broke and does'nt have the armour etc to do the job properly.
the US could but won't after iraq debacle.
Unfortunatly don't see any empire prepared to crush the warlords and disarm the populance find them jobs and educate the populance anytime soon.
Ah... if only we still had the capability to go into any country we wanted, put in fine judicial systems, education, housing and sanitation systems, and then take olympic quality athletes back to Britain...

The Empire, those were the days...

Dr Stealth wrote:

if Somalia becomes under Sharia [Islamic] law, will it become a haven for the international fundamentalists (the al qaeda franchise) to base themselves.

Look on the bright side, it means Britain may longer be seen as the safest haven for them!!
I suspect the truth here is that neither side are anywhere near what they say they are. One side calls themselves The Alliance for Counter-Terrorism, weird, there's not been any terrorism, just a routine low-end civil war. One side calls themselves the Islamic Courts. I call bullshit. Both sides are a bunch of petty warlords, just one side has worked out that if you shout "Terrorism!" long enough, there's a noise in the sky and guns and bags of cash fall down, just like they used to when you shouted "Commies!"

I might as well say I'm the Generalissimo of the Yorkshire Independence Front.

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