Somalia famine: UN warns of 750,000 deaths

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CrashTestDummy, Sep 5, 2011.

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  1. We've plenty of room and money to look after them I'm sure. Where is St. Bob the fucking cunt.
    The alternative is when they are all dead re-stock from what we have here.
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  2. I'd have preferred over a million myself.
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  3. Think I will have a pizza for dinner :)
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  4. I Sir have just ordered a chicken madras pizza without cheese!!!
  5. Not everyone will be going hungry.

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  6. Bugger it I'm going to order two Chinese takeaways.
  7. Makes me think back to when I was a kid and Sunday lunch. Cabbage, sprouts and other things I disliked were left on the side of my plate, much to the annoyance of my mother who would shout "there are thousands starving" to which I would reply "well they can have it". So if anyone knows the postal address for mr Skinny, Somalia, I will send him some stuff.
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  8. Nature does what the US failed to do.
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  9. There I was, just about to give a donation and I found this on Wikipedia.

    Somalia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Somalian cuisine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Just goes to show how Luck I was, I could have donated and been stitched - hook line and sinker. Just shows you can't believe everything you see on tv or read in the papers eh?

    Glad I did my research.

    Right I'm fucking starving.... off for a McNasty then, swilled down with copious amounts of grog.
  10. They're probably students protesting, they all do it these days. It's probably about tuition fees I'll think no more of it.
  11. Can't understand it. Why don't they just open up a load of MacDonalds in the area?
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  12. Because they iz black and will smash the place up and loot it.
  13. Somalians are obnoxious enough already, without being obese into the bargain.
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  14. Haven't we given millions in aid to this sh1t whole? Why is it still fcuked?
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