Somali Pirates - the Russian Solution [Video]

What might be termed - a result.
From a Russian forum with a YouTube embedded video of the capture of the Pirates & their ship with weapons.
Then the sinking of the boat with what appears to be demolition charges.
Somali Pirates - the Russian Solution

If there are any cunning linguists out there who may care to share with us any int from that forum, I'm sure many would be interested.
That is one floating 'cess-pit' that will not trouble shipping again.

The filth on board? Were they asked to swim back to one of the worst, if not the worst, 'country' on earth?

The Russians do not have the problem of the European Soviet Union making all their laws and they did not have a 'top man's' wife demanding a 'Human Rights Act' so she could earn many millions.

Bloody well done the 'Ruskies' - do it again soon!
Had that vid notated in an email which said that 6 were sent back to Somalia with the message and the others were topped with their boat. Who really knows?

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