Somali pirates. The final solution.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheIronDuke, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    What do I know? I am not fond of water and sharks scare me.

    But if a Somali pirate were to come upon my 50,000 ton container ship.. I would probabally say "Do one"

    then lob house bricks down on their Dhow. Those ships are the hight of a small Council block. Whats the problem? You could shit on the bastards and spoil their day.

    House bricks. Piled on the deck.

    It's not a naval solution, but it'll give them pause for thought.
  2. Have you done the risk assesment? Someone might get hurt or claim asylum or something.
  3. Your ship does 12 knots, theirs does 40. You are unarmed and full of fuel. You also have a family at home. They are armed to their eyelids, have nothing to loose and have done this before. They also know you'll receive no help from a weak far away PC government that is afraid to get its hands dirty.

    Do you still want to say 'Do one'? They just might, you know...
  4. Note, they have several RPG's, and are fairly accurate with them. And, your ship is a very large target.

    Plus, they're getting faster boats, than their little fishing boats, etc. If you look at how it was in Columbia, the Pirates are doing the same with their areas, and able to get far better equipment, as each ransom comes in.

    Personally, I'd let the buggers capture the ship, or try to be within the area of one of the Warships that is in the area, and hope to god that they don't just sit there...

    Unlikely, but there you go. :p
  5. Chain gun anybody?
  6. What about a trap? Get a very large tanker, fill it with very expensive cargo like oil or weapons. Follow a standard shipping route past Somalia stopping in at ports that are known to give tip offs to pirates. On board the vessel have a large detachment of special forces or some form of armed personnel. Let the pirates approach and board the ship then let the trap be sprung. Slaughter them :twisted:
  7. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Option 1. Expand the TA to provide armed response teams on board all British ships [Johnny Foreigner makes his own arrangements]. No iPods.

    Option 2. Declare Eyl as the new NATO/UN/whoever Bombing Range. It's sort of 7 58 33N, 49 49 19E but anywhere near there will do. Ideal for American aircrew.

    Option 3. Nuke Somalia, as it serves no apparent purpose.
  8. The three who were killed were Untrained Pirates!!!

    A couple of questions??
    Is there a School of Piracy??
    How long is the course and how do I get on it
    Finally can someone check if I can use my Standard Learning Credits??
  9. Rolls of barbed wire around the side of the ship tend to spoil their day. As do Claymore mines.
  10. Every ship's captain needs issuing with a 3lb lump hammer.

    On spotting a pirate speedboat simply bang the hammer on the ship's metalwork.

    The Somalian pirates will mistake the sound for a tribal dance rhythm and simply boogie away until their fuel runs out............................

    ...............the dirty stone age dwelling ethnics.
  11. Surely the Gibbet would be the final Solution for Pirates
  12. It's a nightmare, they're really strict on the three "ahhrrrr"s.

    I'll get me coat.... :lol:
  13. PMSL - nice one PD :lol: