Somali pirates seize ship with 30 T72 tanks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DrStealth, Sep 26, 2008.

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    kin'ell :D i bet they were a jolly bunch of pirates when they saw what they had in the hold.

    i think they mean to say 'for sudan, via kenya'. you know sudan, that real friendly place were they have been talking about an arms embargo?

    the rooskis hate it when the hardwear dont get to the right wrong people.

    sounds a good earner, i'm in the wrong job.

    30 T72's? i wonder if they will auction them off on e-bay?
  2. As if the moon-faced loons are ever even going to know how to start the things up.
  3. That's one part of the world that seriously needs a good dose of Carpet Bombing.. :!:
  4. I'm struggling a liitle bit.....If the crew are Ukrainian, whya re the Russian's deploying a ship to protect Russian citizens and Russian ships? Not that I'm complaining, I suspect the russians will have a robust approach to pirates sadly lacing in the RN today. I mean, can you imagine Putin letting any bunch of ragheads get away with hijacking Russian naval shipping?
  5. Well if the Ruskies can kick off in the High Seas to protect 'Ukrainian' shipments and its/their citizens, then by that same logic and a liberal interpretation of the Code [yarr], that boat came from Belize, so they're our T72's...

    Hand's off our tanks you filthy pirate scum!!!

    Wake up the Septics in Diego Garcia and get them to warm up the engines.

    They've got a dozen large wessels those pirates, can't be too hard to spot them from the edge of space and drop off some thermals....
  6. Don't worry about the tanks falling into the wrong hands. The pirates will have them stripped for parts and scrap in no time.

    Never thought I'd hear myself saying this but thank god for the Russians. I can't see them giving the pirates a wide berth for fear of an asylum claim and a demand for a council house in Moscow.
  7. I saw the thread title and was surprised that pirates were using tanks to hijack ships.........................
  8. For once I actually laughed out loud :D
  9. :lol: :twisted:

    Good stuff. I'll get down to Great Mills now and return at 15:00 with 760 square meters of light green berber.
  10. This is precisely the reason that ships carrying supplies for use in Afgahnistan are escorted by NATO naval units. Imagine if terrorists had seized a vessel full of vehicles, ammunition etc...
  11. More likely a dose of sunburn :)
  12. I don't think we need to sleep less soundly in our beds.

    They'll just melt them down to make more "shiny things" to dangle off themselves.

  13. Yeah, then we're talking T-72 export models, a 1970s vintage tank with all the gucci and nice bits taken out and replaced with stock the Ruskie QM wanted rid of.

    These machines were designed for Western Europe, and a mechanised, well-trained army with the correct kit for maintaining them. What's the odds the engines have stock air filters instead of desert ones, that the oil is old-fashioned non-synth gunk, and that the ammo is steel practice ammo, not the proper HESH or DU penetrator stuff?

    Remember, the Ruskies are flogging off surplus kit to people who, despite being friendly now might turn into enemies, or might re-export the kit (what am I saying? WILL re-export the kit for a 500% mark-up, more like) so the stuff that gets sold will be stuff that the Russian, Chinese and NATO armies can knock off in seconds if they ever decide to have pop at the place, even assuming that the pirates keep them and store and maintain them correctly instead of painting them pink and using them as pimp-mobiles.

    So, for the next few months driving in down-town Mogadishu is going to be even more lethal than normal, then the local scrappies will have the mother and father of salvage jobs on their hands when the air filters clog, and the engines sieze solid.
  14. Correction, Ukrainian cargo (not Russian). Ukraine is now an independent country (supposedly).
  15. It's just how it's mentioned in the report.

    Russians had their fair share of problems with Somali pirates, I guess they had enough.