Somali Pirates kidnap a British couple

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hurry_up_and_wait, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Idiocy. How long has the news had stuff on ships being taken in that area
  2. What a pair of spastics.
  3. do we have people who can go and get them? i thought we had navy in that sea, it was on tv a while ago
  4. Read the article - the pirates are now RAS'ing and are now into deep-water ops.
  5. You know full well that Broon wont organize a rescue effort, its far too costly and not really good PR.
  6. related and of a little more concern is the increase of kidnapping for ransom of whites/expats around Nairobi.
    The property boom in Nairobi in the last few years has been directly linked to Somalis spending/investing ransom money.
    Hasn't taken them long to work out that there are rich pickings locally with reduced security risks and no boats needed
  7. To those calling this couple idiots, your recommendation to all vessels in this vast region is what? Keep at least 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 nautical miles off the Somali Coast? The Seychelles, where this couple and their yacht were hijacked, are 700 nautical miles from the Somali Coast (about the same distance as Dover to Majorca) so you'd better advise everyone to avoid the entire Red Sea (and thus the Suez Canal), the Gulf of Aden and most of the Indian Ocean. Go take a look at Google Earth. I'm sure that your advice will make the owners of the tens of thousands of vessels that transit these waters each month very happy.
  8. Has anybody managed to create a floating balcony yet?
  9. I think the frigate mentioned in the Times' article was some distance from the site where the EPIRB went off.

    IIRC, the only nearby British ship was RFA Onan, a Royal Fleet Auxiliary bulk porn carrier en route from Amsterdam to the gulf and stacked with DVDs, mags and boxes of Kleenex to resupply the ships in that area. Onan's crew did spot the hijack but apparently they were too knackered to do anything to help.

    Reports of a Russian venture to sail a cruise ship slowly up and down the Somali coast have proved to be unfounded. Passengers were to have paid $5,000 each for the 'cruise of a deathtime'. On being attacked by AK47 wielding pirates, the passengers would have their choice of small arms, large arms and great big feck off exploding things with which to defend themselves. Sounds like an excellent business model to me.

    The Seychelles are a fair old distance from Somalia. Looks like the pirates may be extending their franchise to include kidnapping wealthy tourists in that part of the world. Much easier to climb aboard a yacht and terrorise the yellow welly brigade than climb aboard a super tanker and terrorise the crew. Or as one unfortunate pirate discovered, climb aboard an armed-to-the-teeth German warship and try to hijack it with an old Lee Enfield rifle.

    Hopefully, the First Sea Lord will be on the phone to the governments of Kenya, Seychelles, Mauritius and Reunion to offer them the protection of all those mothballed frigates and destroyers lying around Portsmouth. For a handsome fee of course.
  10. This is quite an unusual move; the pirates usually target large merchant vessels not private yachts as a private yacht does not have a parent shipping agency with whom to negotiate for ransom. They have captured yachts in the Gulf of Aden before and used them as decoys by striking their masts and waiting for larger vessels to come to their aid but it doesn't seem to be the case here.
  11. Any idea how big an area 1000 square miles is???
  12. Yep, it's 1000mi x 1000mi
  13. :D Thats really quite big isn't it?? Probably quite easy to hide in that large an area eh??
  14. 10 x 100. They more likely mean '1,000 miles square' i.e. one million square miles.